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PDX Elite Fuck-O-Matic Masturbator var 1

PDX Elite Fuck-O-Matic Masturbator

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PDX Elite has made it their task to elevate masturbation, and with the Fuck-O-Matic Masturbator, you get suction, vibration and catering to your balls, all at the same time - the perfect stimulation storm!

This ultimate stroker rocks 5 modes of super strong suction that engulfs your penis with every pulsating movement from the powerful motor. The lifelike in-and-out sensation in the real-feel Fanta Flesh vagina is bound to cause heavy orgasmic commotion, especially when lathered in a water-based lube.

Now add the soft tongue tickler for the balls that is lined with multiple rows of stimulating pleasure nobs and rocks 10 vibration modes, and you’ve got the recipe for ultimate satisfaction.

Sub BrandElite
Product Weight (g)665
Full Length (in)10.63
Inner Depth (in)4.92
Diameter (in)3.07
Inner Diameter (in)0.63
Stretchable Inner DiameterYes
Power SourceUSB-charger
Playtime (min.)40
Vibration Pattern(s)5
Vibration Speed(s)10
Primary materialTPE
Recommended LubeWater based
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Customer reviews (0)
Better than a real pacifier
Anonymous - 4. may. 2022
I bought this with low expectations, but I have to be honest and say that it's pretty damn good. It's not super deep, but the vibrations and the real vaccum it creates is really good. Best "sucker" I've ever had. Five stars
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Good buy
Anonymous - 5. jan. 2022
Have now tried it 3 times and it gives the best ejaculations... Penetrate it and play with all the different vibrator options,, no need to move it as it sucks and vibrates so wonderfully. Also great with stimulation on testicles, so a great buy,,,,, Mike
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Works better than the others
Anonymous - 5. aug. 2022
Firstly, let me start by informing you that after my surgery for phimosis, I have found it difficult/impossible to come with normal touch, vibrators and other things. As you may know, this surgery removes a number of nerve pathways, which has made it difficult for me to come. Vacuum and vibrator is by far the best combination for those who have difficulty ejaculating. I've had the Venus 2000 and a number of other professional devices, but this one beats them all. There are programmes for gentle suction if you want to start off gently, then you can adjust the suction until it almost hurts (which means the vacuum motor is powerful enough). It sucks your friend all the way in until it hits the underside of your head. This in combination means that I can now get an ejaculation in 4-5 minutes, where sometimes I had to "thin out" my mate for hours. It's well worth the money.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Think before you buy
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Got carried away by the idea and description behind this masturbator, but was sorely disappointed. Simple enough to operate. Does not live up to my expectations at all. It is quite noisy. Its suction is just a tug and I can't feel the so-called tongue. I have to admit that I got an ejaculation. However, not to the extent I had expected. My Lelo and Cobra give me the most beautiful orgasms. It's also a delicate thing to clean, as you have to get the sleeve out, but this one has a very thin wire to one of the motors. I was a little afraid of breaking it All in all. A good idea/thought, but in my opinion it doesn't live up to what is described and it's a lot of money for a masturbation product I won't use again/more.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
A bit of a pain
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Great product but keeps power for the heck of it. There should be a way to connect it to 220v but otherwise fine :)
Machine translated from sinful.dk
A misbuy
Anonymous - 11. mar. 2022
Noisy so earplugs are recommended. Suction power is fine but not enough
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Amazing WOW
Anonymous - 11. sep. 2022
Without category and without comparison the coolest sex toy for a man. Suction function - vibrators with different rhythms. I love it and the first of many I have tried that are just absolutely fantastic. Will never go without it or buy another one if needed. Buy it!
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Not recommended
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Sucks in the inner part and is a bit too noisy The suction function is not as powerful as expected The red part doesn't do much
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Way too small
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
It is far too small and cannot be used as a regular fleshlight. However, the suction is fine. Unfortunately, I have completely given up using it
Machine translated from sinful.dk
It really sucks !
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
A title with a good meaning! After receiving the package I started to prepare myself for disappointment, the device is lighter than I expected. Next, I doubted the absorbency shown in the promotional videos. Upon testing, it turned out that for once the advertisement was true! The device actually creates a decent vacuum and sucks your cock inside. All in all, the performance is quite good. I would have liked a little more control buttons, though. The suction and vibration menus are only accessible in "one direction", it would be much better if the intensity could be adjusted in both directions.
Machine translated from sinful.fi

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