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PDX Elite Vibrating Mega Milker Masturbator var 1

PDX Elite Vibrating Mega Milker Masturbator

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Do you always try the newest gadgets? Innovative technology assures the most explosive experience with the PDX Elite Vibrating Mega Milker Masturbator.

Below the lid hides a tempting and realistic, tight vagina that awaits you.

When you slide in, you will meet an abundance of stimulating knobs that massage your penis together along with the titillating vibrations and unique compression movements—all of which will milk you down to the last drop.

The Mega Milker is rechargeable and provides you with an exciting light show through the smart window that gives you and your partner a naughty view into what happens behind the scenes.

Sub BrandElite
Product Weight (g)665
Full Length (in)9.45
Inner Depth (in)5.91
Diameter (in)3.31
Inner Diameter (in)0.39
Stretchable Inner DiameterYes
Power SourceUSB-charger
Vibration Speed(s)7
Primary materialTPE
Recommended LubeWater based
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Customer reviews (0)
Not worth the money
Her husband - 17. feb. 2021
The motor makes more noise than a hand drill, but it is not very strong. In addition, there is no hole in the bottom of the sleave, which is probably for cleaning purposes, but it means that you are constantly struggling with an air bubble that pushes again during use.
Like being milked by a goddess.
Engström - 23. may. 2021
But I'm not that well-equipped either.
Nesse - 6. dec. 2020
Not particularly happy .... if you are well-equipped, this product is useless .... far too cramped and the motor stopped as if it could not withstand the resistance. Information could be clearer.
Unfortunately did nothing for me, gone straight in the bin.
Lars-Gunnar - 11. jul. 2020
Big and clumsy, bad vibrations, compression movement loud so I thought it was broken, and absolutely no function that helped me, and I couldn’t feel the dots on the sleeve at all. For the money I paid, I had hoped it would do some good. But the shipment was good, quick and discreet. Customer service friendly and helpful.
hammer - 26. aug. 2020
is certainly not a hands-free device. the machine may make a cent move. and when it also rubs against the elastic silicone, it also practically stays at half an inch. Or let it be closed on the machine, and the machine with the suction cup into the wall of the bath and knuckle it. the bridge works well. the blowing of the machine is full of crap. annoyance. at least in modern times, it should no longer be dependent on technology. make a really working "handsfree" blowjob machine. there are no factors.
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Firstly, it requires a super erection. Secondly, it says that you can insert a penis up to 5.8cm in diameter. Mine is apparently bigger as I can't get it all the way in, the motor starts to stall and I don't even have a full erection. Now I have tried to use it, so it cannot be returned. Probably should have bought a different product. Save your money and find something else. /john
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Too tight, squeaks loudly, no pleasure
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I have a normal sausage, but this automatic masturbation machine really just gave off a lot of noise and flashing lights. The machine struggled to perform the movements when the penis was in there, and it sounded like it was threatening to stop from its own great efforts. If I didn't penetrate all the way in, it could work less strenuously, but no matter what I did, it gave virtually no pleasure. The milking motion was far, far too weak. The vibrator was noticeable, but also gave no pleasure. I've tried it several times, for a long time, but even with my own efforts, it was just a violent noise. It was only possible to come when I practically used the whole thing as a sleeve, and ergo it was several hundred pounds out the window. The actual imitation of the vagina was impressive, however, and the feeling of touching real skin (using the included talcum powder/cornstarch) was truly mesmerising, but that was just a curiosity, as this otherwise in no way seemed or could compare to the real thing or a regular hand job. Incidentally, it was quite difficult to stuff the silicone sausage into the plastic machine, but could be stuffed in with the help of a dildo. However, the suction cup was firmly attached to the door when I tested it there. Just save your money and spend it on some nice dinners, or maybe a date.
Machine translated from sinful.no
Very disappointed in relation to description
Anonymous - 10. apr. 2022
Not at all as expected in relation to description
Machine translated from sinful.no

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