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Perfect Fit Finger Grip Plug Size 3 var 1

Perfect Fit Finger Grip Plug Size 3

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When looking for robust tools for anal play, the Finger Grip series from Perfect Fit doesn’t disappoint. The size 3 butt plug is large, so it’s a great choice for a seasoned anal adventurer. Like all the plugs in the series, it’s equipped with a smart finger grip, which enables supreme control during insertion, use, and removal.

The plug made of a soft and flexible blend of TPR and silicone features a tapered tip, a slim neck, and a flat stopper, which feels comfortable during use. The stretchy strap can easily fit a finger or two, and it collapses when sitting down.

Apply a generous amount of water-based or hybrid anal lube before careful insertion to add glide. The finger grip will make it easy to control the plug even with slippery fingers, and can also be used together with BDSM gear for more kinky play.

Clean the plug with warm water and mild soap or antibacterial sex toy cleaner for excellent hygiene. Store it separately from other toys to prevent surface defects.

BrandPerfect Fit
Sub BrandXplay Gear
Product Weight (g)150
Full Length (in)6.3
Insertable Length (in)5.31
Diameter (in)2.01
Width (in)2.01
Primary materialTPR
Recommended LubeWater based
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Customer reviews (0)
A wonderfully cheeky, tantalising plug!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
This is a big and good plug! Had a wonderful experience when I gently inserted this. Lubricated well with slip, and gently pressed it in. A little at a time. And when it finally slid nicely into place, I felt like I was really filled up! I just had to get used to this big lovely plug! Just the right length and width! Nice material too. Should be a tempting product for anyone who likes big sizes; +/- 5 cm. It's wonderfully cheeky to wear this, I felt it was inside me! This must be experienced, and I recommend that it is used for a long time at a time, so you can really enjoy the simulation in the buttocks, and gradually enjoy the pressure sensation, and experience delicious anal stimulation and satisfaction when ejaculation/orgasm occurs. A great way to get used to and practise! Before you want to move up to the next size. All men should discover and try this one! Highly recommended!
Machine translated from sinful.no
A wonderful training, habituation and enjoyment!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
A really good and big plug! It slid in nicely, with lots of glide, and with a little time it was easy to get it in place. It seemed a bit big at first, but then it was just lovely to have it inside! Really fills you up! And gives enormous pleasure! A wonderful plug that I train a lot with, and it's a lovely 5 cm that just fills up well! It's good to have it inside for a while. It was nice with the "finger grip", to have good control during insertion and when it comes out again. A wonderful product that you can look forward to using!
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