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Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator var 1

Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

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Take the ultra-realistic Fuck Me Silly doll whenever you want in all your favourite positions. You get 9 kilos of superbly soft and squeezable round buttocks, anus and vagina.

The doll is made of extremely realistic and flexible Fanta Flesh, which you can enjoy whenever you please. 

Her vagina takes you into a depth of 5.9 inches, and her anus accommodates 7.1 inches. The design inside the two pleasure channels are crafted to feel like the real thing.

After you’ve had your way with the doll, it is easy to clean as well. Just rinse through the connecting tunnel that makes up the vaginal and anal canals. This area is a throughway and water can rinse all the way through. Do not pour water into the hole on the back, as this functions as an air vent. 

Pro tip! Penetrate the vagina or anus from whichever angle you desire – either from behind or in missionary position. Just turn her 180° to achieve the style you want, any time you want. Remember water-based lube to enhance the realistic sensations.

BrandPipedream Extreme
Sub BrandFuck Me Silly
Product Weight (g)9980
Full Length (in)16.93
Inner Depth (in)7.09
Inner Diameter (in)0.39
Stretchable Inner DiameterYes
Width (in)14.57
Primary materialTPR
Recommended LubeWater based
0 customers
Customer reviews (0)
Anonymous man - 3. apr. 2020
Just do it..Buy it.
Worth the investment
Klaskedasken - 2. jul. 2021
Was a little sceptical about the quality and size of the product, but decided to order it anyway, and was pleasantly surprised! Easy to use, feels quite realistic. It weighs a lot, which I would say is an advantage in this case. The material + the weight makes it move on its own (with a little help). Easy to clean inside, but not as easy to clean outside, since the flat side has a vent that does not withstand water, (Read instructions) and the weight makes it a little difficult to handle during cleaning. All in all, a fantastic product that is worth the price tag and is recommended to those who want to treat themselves. Recommended! *By the way, can be used without lube, but works best with lube.*
Good, but could be better
Woah - 9. jun. 2021
Full size thing this. Bought smaller variants before, but this one was much more realistic. Those who complain about the price do not understand how many kg more one like this weighs and only costs in the cost of what it is now for latex / rubber they make these from. Easy to use in different positions, which all makes it feel different due to how the rubber "meat" weighs down. Now then, to the only thing, the holes are a bit loose. Perfect in the long run, but the feeling is not quite right. Had I only had this, I would not have thought of it, but now I bought at the same time as this one a little smaller (and also cheaper) loose butt to compare only, namely Coconut Real Hip Hera, which is quite nicely cast even if it is small , the holes are so many times better.
Two nice holes that give guaranteed orgasms
Jocke G - 18. mar. 2020
Feels genuine to put on this bubble butt! Both holes are tight enough and provide guaranteed orgasm. Fill them up with a slide and alternate, super nice! The weight and size of the butt makes it feel more authentic. If you want to pump properly vaginally, it is best to put it on your back, I think. On the other hand, it is a little more demanding when cleaning than a simpler pocket pussy or similar. Highly recommend using the supplied powder after each cleaning to give it a smooth and comfortable feeling, and to reduce dirt getting stuck on it. However, more powder would need to be included in the package.
Luke - 25. feb. 2020
Positively: Fresh, good shape Good depth and size of holes Nice and simple Negative: A little hard to clean as it is quite heavy. If you, like me, have a fetish for underwear, the fit with panties on it will be quite bad due to the thighs sitting together with the body or what to say, it is possible to get on and look ok but could have sat better. Otherwise, it is a good and sexy product that definitely does the job. I would recommend others to buy it when the price is reduced, in my opinion not really worth the full price.
Anonymous - 3. mar. 2015
This is a great and very fantastic toy that can provide the ultimate experience and highly recommend this product as it is just perfect and realistic
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 9. oct. 2015
I laughed when I unpacked it and thought what the hell am I doing and wondered what I've spent money on. I just have to say it's fantastically realistic. I hadn't imagined it would be so nice. So I tried it and it's very realistic - definitely recommended if you need a break from dating:-). Cleaning is a little more complicated, it takes some getting used to.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Definitely the most expensive, but also one of the best purchases I've made here. Highly recommended if you want to use your hips more than you do in fleshlights. You can easily use it in different positions. It's a very good exercise before trying your tricks on the woman. Cleaning is also very simple: clean one hole and it comes out of the other. Just make sure not to hit the air hole (opposite the buttocks). It's a good idea to finish off by using cornstarch to maintain the soft surface of the product (like fleshlights). When it comes to picking up the product, I wouldn't recommend using the bike as it's heavy (9kg) to carry behind you. Just saying.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 4. sep. 2018
it's just good and feels like the real thing using lube/astroglide. highly recommended.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Worth it!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
It's expensive, but there's no telling how much better it is than many other products out there, I had my doubts after I bought it but after trying it I had no doubt it was a good buy
Machine translated from sinful.dk

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