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Love To Love Plush Handcuffs var 1

Love To Love Plush Handcuffs

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These soft, plush handcuffs are perfect if you are new to and want to experiment with handcuffs.

The plush handcuffs are made of metal and plush. The package includes two sets of keys.

You can also open the plush handcuffs without the use of a key. 

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Perfect starter
Kinky king - 29. oct. 2020
Is new to all this and they can highly recommend as a starter. Are cheap and make it a little more fun in bed;)
Super naughty
Msj - 14. nov. 2019
Received mine the day after I ordered! My boyfriend and I used them all weekend and the fact that they are made so you can get them yourself is also makes it pretty naughty, so when you finally just need to grab him you can easily get them up. They are heavier than I expected and are in a really good and strong material, and the fur makes sure that they do not hurt to wear :) Will definitely buy again, and so at that price!: D
Kinky Plush Handcuffs
Denise - 1. may. 2014
Chose to buy these naughty and very "girly" plush handcuffs in pink. Really love them, they are soft to wear and add a little extra spice to the bed ;-)
All right
Curious2 - 26. oct. 2020
Should have been a little harder to open, but was fun to try
The naughty handcuffs
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Bondage cuffs are super naughty if you need to fix your partner. Lovely soft plush fabric, so they sit comfortably on your wrists. The locks show that they are not made of the best quality, so they probably won't last forever. But otherwise, they're fine. There are plenty of hours of fun to be had with these handcuffs in different colours. Everyone can bring out their kinky side with this product - BUY THEM!
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Super fun handcuffs
Anonymous - 8. sep. 2012
We had been talking about a pair of kinky plush rings for a long time, and when we finally got them, it just made sex even more fun and naughty. It was really tantalising to lie there attached, and then just enjoy it. Afterwards we both had a laughing fit, as I could unlock them myself, and could have done it whenever I wanted, but just played along and enjoyed it instead.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Handcuffs for kinky play
Anonymous - 8. may. 2013
Super fun and soft handcuffs that add colour to playtime. Easy to get on and off and fun to play with, especially if you have two pairs.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Fun, fun, fun
Anonymous - 8. jun. 2013
Make it a little more fun with these kinky plush handcuffs. It's not the best material in the world, but they're usable and comfortable when plush.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Perfect for a naughty evening or weekend
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
The handcuffs are super good and fun and help to liven up the games. They may be too small for people with large wrists, but otherwise they are fine. After I received them, they were quickly put to use for a weekend. They are also easy for the person wearing them to get up if you get too excited and just want to grab your partner. They are nice to wear because of the plushness.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Soft and cheeky ;)
Anonymous - 11. mar. 2021
It's soft and easy to remove - love them
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