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RFSU Thin Condoms 10 pcs. var 1

RFSU Thin Condoms 10 pcs.

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If you want an extra thin condom that provides a close and intimate sex experience, then RFSU Thin is the perfect choice.

The condoms are adapted to the body's natural shape and have a tapered top for an optimal fit. You get both maximum protection and the feeling of not wearing a condom - A clear win-win.

RFSU Thin is produced in Sweden and is 100% electronically tested. They are made of high-quality profiled latex and have a smooth surface. The condoms have a reservoir with extra silicone lube and are fragrance-free.

The condoms are 185 mm long and have a width of 53 mm. They have a thickness of just 0.05 mm for an extra close feel. Each pack contains 10 condoms.

Product Weight (g)30
Condom Length (mm)185
Condom Thickness (mm)0.05
Condom Width (mm)53
Primary materialLatex
Recommended LubeWater based
PropertiesLubricated, Regular, Reservoir, Smooth, Thin
LanguageDanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
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Customer reviews (0)
Thord z - 26. jul. 2017
Good, pleasurable, nice. However, it broke, cracked!
The best!
Katrine - 27. aug. 2020
We love these condoms - they are easy to open, easy to put on, and so good during intercourse!
The best
KK - 28. jun. 2017
Have soon tried all the world’s condoms to find one that is not a passion killer and at long last I have found it. They fulfil all expectations. Easy to open, easy to put on, super fit and slidability and so thin that you hardly feel them !! We have not used others since.
Best swimsuit for the old fellah
Scubacake - 13. sep. 2013
Will probably not use them, unfortunately, but you need to be protected these days, so it is best to be prepared and ready for battle! They are easy to open, fit as they should, and do not feel like putting on a wetsuit. Can't comment on the use of them beyond that, but think it can only be positive! There is also plenty of lubricant! The only downsides I can find are, firstly, that there is a lot of air in the packages, so they are a bit thick individually. Secondly, the box they came in was at least 20 times larger than the package: seems like a waste of cardboard... Otherwise perfect!
Rubber valuation
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Really really good and thin condom
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Really good for condoms
Anonymous - 10. feb. 2017
I've never been a fan of condoms, but this is by far the best I've ever used. The material is similar to all the others, but the thinness makes it really tolerable in use. Stays in place well for the average man or even a little smaller ;)
Machine translated from sinful.fi
Anonymous - 1. feb. 2024
Feels good on both sides ???? and even though it's really thin, only one broke under heavy use
Machine translated from sinful.fi
Humpty Dumpty
Anonymous - 9. mar. 2023
There are thinner ones that are better in the RFSL range.
Machine translated from sinful.se

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