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Ribbed Masturbation Sleeve for Men var 1

Ribbed Masturbation Sleeve for Men

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Do you crave a new and arousing experience? Then the Ribbed Masturbation Sleeve could be the prefect product for you.

The soft sleeve slides over your penis when you apply a good water-based lubricant, and moves as you want it to. The ribbed texture on the inner side stimulates you as you move the sleeve to give you a very pleasurable experience.

This ribbed masturbation sleeve is made from flexible TRP, which is very comfortable to use and can stretch to fit most men. The bigger your penis is, the tighter the feeling will be.

After use, clean the sleeve with warm water and sex toy cleaner. The hole goes all the way through, so it is easy to rinse and allow to air dry.

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Solid product
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Bought the above the other day. The price was not a problem and the quality is also quite good. Due to the hardness of the sleeve, the use is a bit strained.
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Tight solo leg
Anonymous - 8. aug. 2017
Good tight product made from a nice soft material. Super nice and very satisfied
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Hardcore material
Anonymous - 10. may. 2018
Super easy to use, there's no doubt. It's a great concept that there is a large opening and a small opening. However, it takes a lot of lubrication to avoid turning the use into something you just have to get over with because it had to be tried. This is because the material is tough. It is very thick and stiff, almost comparable to a soft plastic tube. If you're of average thickness, you'll have to make an effort to enjoy the narrow entrance hall. The soft silicone feel is sorely missed here. The product is great if you like it a little on the rough side and want to encounter resistance/friction when penetrating.
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Suitable for a smaller machine
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
it is with mixed feelings that i am writing this. i ordered the product specifically because this masturbator has slots at both ends, so i had in mind to get a back and forth motion. My own cock is a few centimetres longer in erection, i.e. 18 centimetres thicker than this tube so in theory it should have worked. The order and delivery went as agreed, like a greased lightning and the service was friendly. I picked up the parcel from the post office vending machine. I used the normal slip and pushed the stuff in. However, it soon became clear that this was not the time for friends to meet. Apart from the fact that my thing is long, the glans is thick in the erection and very quickly things started to fall apart because it was simply too tight at the top. It was mentioned in the product description that it was only a good centimetre at the narrowest point, but perhaps I hadn't realised that it was actually that tight. I was able to push it out the other end with the lubricant, but the tightness made it impossible to talk about pleasure at that point. Of course, I had an orgasm when I jerked off but otherwise the pleasure was less. The back and forth movement was difficult all the time, despite the lubricant. In fact, I wish that the product description could say that the product is suitable for men with erect penises of normal size or slightly smaller. it makes me wonder whether these masturbator manufacturers have the same problem as condom manufacturers, i.e. the idea that penises over 15 cm and thick do not exist except in the porn industry? I wouldn't go to the supermarket for condoms either. Thanks to sinful for their very friendly and professional service, I will have to look at your other products too.
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Better for small sizes?
Anonymous - 11. oct. 2017
The idea of the product was certainly good, but the ribs on the inside sound so much that it takes the edge off the whole experience (could be turned inside out at least). Plus for two inputs for variety! Certainly lasts longer for those with smaller-medium size "equipment", cracked in the material after some time despite sparse use!
Machine translated from sinful.se
Anonymous - 12. dec. 2019
Wonderful material not as soft as all the others a little more rigid. Better grip. And if you close the second hole so no air goes out, you have a wonderful blowjob with a little lubricant.
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