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Scandal Collar Body Restraints var 1

Scandal Collar Body Restraints

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Are you ready to explore the exciting, erotic world of bondage? Then this exclusive Collar Body Restraints set, with beautiful details from Scandal is the perfect place to start.

The stylish set includes a padded collar in Scandal's signature brocade satin, from which a nylon ribbon runs all the way down the body, which is fastened around the waist.

This is fitted with 6 robust D-rings, to which your Master can attach your wrists in the 2 matching brocade cuffs. You get unimaginable play options, as the restraints can be worn both on the front and back.

Both collars and cuffs are adjustable and fit most people. The cuffs can also be used alone as handcuffs or attached to other items. The set is nickel-free and comfortable to wear.

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Great toy
BeardedDaddy - 17. nov. 2017
The set is of an incredibly delicious quality - the California Excotics Scandal Collar set is simply too delicious! It can be nicely combined with other handcuffs and/or ropes to create some good positions.
Good set!
Markus - 14. may. 2017
Very happy with this set. As it can be carried around with, you can dominate both inside and outside the bedroom. Great for novices as the one tied up has a certain feeling of safety and can defend themselves, if the hands are tied in front of the body of course. The handcuff part is of course useful for other areas.
Nice set
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
A great set that's ideal if you're into more gentle bondage. Even when you use it to tie your hands behind your back, you never have the feeling that you couldn't get free if you wanted to. The arms can be a little awkward if you use the rings on the body strap, but fortunately they can easily be put together.
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Discreet delivery and packaging
Free shipping on orders over £55
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