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Secura El Toro Condoms 12 Pack var 1

Secura El Toro Condoms 12 Pack

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Get rid of the hassle with both a cock ring and condom, and gain better stamina with the Secura El Toro Condoms.

These condoms has an extra tight ring at the bottom, which functions as a built-in cock ring. And in that way you get increased stamina and an even more impressive erection.

Made from latex. Smooth and transparent with a good fit, lubricant and a reservoir. With a width of 52mm. Pack with 12 condoms.

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A furious affair
T. Hansen - 11. sep. 2020
The condom is excellent for what you are promised, there is certainly a tight opening which makes the condom sit as it should even if you really go for it. It gives a really good experience as you as one can really get excited and to last longer it is also excellent. However, you must be aware that it is tight where I would recommend having another condom with you also for variation if you have a lot of sex as with repeated use you become sore where it takes some time to recover. For those who like a hard and furious round, it is a great buy. In addition, it can be recommended to warm up the lady well while wearing the condom as it takes a long time to get up to the stage where you can have an orgasm which will be very hard for the woman as you really have to go to it, therefore warm the lady well up to she has reached climax, take it off and you will as you twitch in the whole body of anger with the slightest touch as the condom helps to build a massive erection where it feels like you are about to explode, there are good opportunities for to play with each other with this product
Delicious and easy
J&K - 16. jul. 2020
Excellent condom. The slightly tighter opening keeps the condom in place even though we go to it, without making it difficult to get on. The standard condoms from now on at home.
Ca - 2. sep. 2018
A good product
Sits well
Jortikka - 30. oct. 2020
The penis ring does its job, pretty snug rubber not unnecessarily long but just sufficient.
Anonymous - 11. nov. 2021
I have experienced with some other condoms that they get pulled off if things get a little hot, these stay on, plus they may help with a slightly fuller erection... All in all, satisfied.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
The built-in ring keeps the condom firmly in place and may also provide a slightly harder erection
Machine translated from sinful.dk

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