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Sex & Mischief Metal Chain Ball Tickler var 1

Sex & Mischief Metal Chain Ball Tickler

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Caress your partner with arousing touches with the Sex & Mischief Metal Chain Ball Tickler.

The metal chain with many small beads feels especially exciting during seductive foreplay and sensual couple play.

When you tickle your partner with the metal chain, the kisses and touches that follow will feel more intense.

You can add an extra sensual element by warming the metal part of the tickler, or cooling it down in a water bath before starting your play time.

With the full length of 20.5 inches and it's solid rubber handle, for good control over your play.

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Surprisingly good.
ElToro - 2. sep. 2019
This one was even more exciting to use and be used on than I thought when I bought it. The missus had the same experience It rolls easily and it is exceptionally versatile. It tickles when it rolls over the thighs, back, neck, chest or anywhere else. It can be cooled down to add an extra kick Highly recommended as it is cheap and good.
Perfect for those who think feather is too soft!
PL - 20. jul. 2020
We drag this over the body rather than tickling with a feather. It is more comfortable to pull it against the skin and more exciting. Good foreplay toy that we stimulate each other with. You can also use it for tickling or go even kinkier and use it for spanking and so far it has held for that too.
Tantalising and naughty
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Super good quality and great for teasing
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Great product
Anonymous - 10. nov. 2021
Can be both cold and warm depending on where you store it just before use. Provides a great feeling when pulled over the skin. The long handle allows you to sit very still, so your partner doesn't know where you're going to stroke it next. I am very happy with it as a beginner
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Okay, but not great
Anonymous - 11. jul. 2021
When you get it in your hand, the material can seem a bit cheap. I don't think it lived up to expectations, especially after reading the reviews on this site. A bit of a disappointment but not a terrible product.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Very good
Anonymous - 1. feb. 2022
Great feeling when someone pulls this around on your body. The only bad thing is the plastic stick. But I wrapped a long silk ribbon around the whole thing, making it more comfortable to hold and giving it a more exclusive feel.
Machine translated from sinful.se

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Discreet delivery and packaging
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