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Sinful Renewing Powder for Realistic Sex Toys 150 g
Sinful Renewing Powder for Realistic Sex Toys 150 g
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Sinful Plejende Pulver til Realistisk Sexlegetøj 150 g Product 1
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Sinful Renewing Powder for Realistic Sex Toys 150 g

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Product Description

The Sinful Renewing Powder is specially developed for sex toys made from life-like materials - including realistic dildos and masturbators.

The powder helps maintain the soft and nature-like texture of your masturbation product after use and cleaning. This way, you can be sure that it feels soft, enticing and realistic when you use it. It will also prolong the lifetime of your life-like sex toys.

Once you’ve cleaned and dried your masturbation product, apply the powder every time. Remember to use the powder on both the inside and surface of the product.

Additional Information

TYPE: Renewing powder.
INGREDIENTS: Talc, Chlorite, Dolomite, Magnesite.
CONTENT: 150 g.
LANGUAGE: English.  

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Customer Reviews (5)
Only good things to say about this product.

Is perfectly adapted for sex toys. I have wasted money on other products.

5 5 1
Must have!

This should be a permanent fixture in the toy drawer. The powder is sprinkled on the toy after washing to prevent the toy from becoming sticky.

5 5 1
Hope it works as it should

I have a sex toy, and after using the powder it has settled on the surface because the surface was sticky beforehand (did not contaminate). Hope it keeps the toy maintained. I'm not quite sure if it works yet. Learn more

5 5 1
Jessie Andrews

May not look very lifelike, but it’s not made to be looked at. The feeling, on the other hand, is DECENT

5 5 1

You can probably buy the same product for less elsewhere, but the practical container and fast delivery makes it easy to throw it in the shopping cart as well

5 5 1

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