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Sportsheets Diamond Crystal Riding Crop
Sportsheets Diamond Crystal Riding Crop
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Sportsheets Diamond Crystal Pisk
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Sportsheets Diamond Crystal Pisk Silver

Sportsheets Diamond Crystal Riding Crop

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Product Description

With the Diamond Crystal riding crop from Sportsheets, elegant and naughty go hand in hand.

A beautiful riding crop with an abundance of bling, in the form of glimmering crystal on the handle. And a nylon covered shaft with stylish silver coloured decoration.

The soft leather flip of the whip feels lovely against sensitive skin, whether you caress or hit.

But don't be fooled, eventhough the Diamond Crystal riding crop looks innocent and can gently titillate, it is also an effective and hard playmate.

It's fiberglass core makes the handle firm and and not flexible. This means the whip doesn't flick as hard, but you can still hit as hard as you want, if you so wish.

It is basically up to the fair Master, what the submissive deserves.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Leather, fiberglass, nylon, ABS-plastic, crystal (glass), PVC. zink.
TOTAL LENGTH: 19.5 inches.
HANDLE: 9 inches.

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Customer Reviews (2)
"Extra accessories"

Usually I'm not into sex toys and fetish accessories at all. It happens, however, that my husband convinces me that it is a good idea with 'extra accessories' for the sex life, and then he surprises me with newly acquired inventions from Sinful. The icing on the cake was this riding whip with a glittering imitated shaft. It looks reallyextravagant and just knowing that the bangs come from such a sophisticated whip can turn me on even the most grey and dull rainy day! Learn more

5 4 1
Worth all the money

The whip is extremely good due to its handy weight distribution, and the handle with the simile strip lies comfortably and firmly in the palm. Worth all the money P.S. Unlike the reviewer above, I usually do not need much persuasion from my boyfriend to spend all his money on me for sex toys or in so-called inventions of less decent "fetishaccessories" ... On the other hand, I agree with "trine" that the similitude-obsessed shaft really looks extravagant and bestows a soothing decency on thisglorified cane. It is quite reassuring for an insecure mind when the sophisticated design of the whip assures that the activity where one high-intelligent mammal descendedfrom the monkeys slaps another in the butt is, after all, a sophisticated affair ... This exile sophisticated decency must be what "extra accessories" truly means... Learn more

5 5 1

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