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Steel Dilator Set
Steel Dilator Set
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Steel Dilator Set

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Product Description

With this dilator set you get a total of 14 dilators for dilating the urethra.

The diameter of the dilators vary from 4 to 17 mm, and the size of each diameter is engraved in each dilator. 

The soft curves facilitate easy insertion in the urethra.

The dilator set is made from steel. It is delivered in a black imitation leather storage case.

It is important to apply a generous amount of sterile lubricant and proceed slowly with the dilator. Also remember that it's important to always clean and sterilise your dilator before use.

Additional Information

LENGTH:�7.5 inches.
DIAMETER: From 4-17 mm.

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Customer Reviews (5)
For the long-distance enthusiast

Sizes from beginner to experienced user. The material is of course high quality. This set is a must-have for every learner. I recommend it. Remember using plenty of lubricant.

5 5 1

Very good and affordable

5 5 1
One set for everyone from beginner to the extreme

This set is of a high quality. This set goes from 4mm and all the way up to 17mm so here you have one Sounding set for life. easy to use and very fun. Remember lube (preferably one that is sterile) and plenty of time. Learn more

5 5 1
Very interesting toy.

Luxury set of the highest quality. What we can each introduce is up to the individual, but here is at least the set we can play with :-) Give it time and be careful.

5 5 1
Super naughty experience

Good to expand and my vaginal cramp is at a minimum. However, it takes just a little while to figure out which end to use

5 4 1

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