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SToys Rubber Flogger with Metal Handle
SToys Rubber Flogger with Metal Handle
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SToys Rubber Flogger with Metal Handle

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Product Description

This rubber flogger from SToys with it's metal handle and long black rubber fronds, is very stylish.

The flogger has 6 long fronds of 22 inches, so there really is the possibility for hard satisfying stings. It can also be used for gentle grazes over the body.

On the metal handle is a rubber strap, to easily hang it with all your other whips or on your belt.

The flogger has a total length of 28.5 inches.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Metal and rubber.
TOTAL LENGTH: 28.5 inches.
LENGTH, HANDLE: 6.5 inches.
LENGTH, FRONDS: 22 inches.

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Customer Reviews (4)
makes good

Yes, it is the best in its price range that I have tried. Leaves proper marks, the ends of the lines cause the skin to break. The handle is just too thin, and the lines of the package were bent; the whip sheath always rotates in the wrong direction. But, if you want more than a sauna broom, yes this is a tight whip. Learn more

5 5 1

I'm just saying AJ! This is not gracious and is not recommended for beginners, I promise, it gave me bad marks immediately and it stings worse than death. A useful tool for my Judgment, a hell for me ^^ so perfect! I would recommend it Learn more

5 5 1
A painful whip that’s perfect when I have done something wrong

This is a painful (in a good way) whip that’s perfect to use when I’ve done something very wrong. It has a stylish design with the shiny metal handle and the long black threads. It stings properly – even quite gentle strokes hurt. The fact that the threads are long gives a powerful touch. It stings and even the toughest and harshest personis reduced to a rather pitiful state with tears in their eyes after receiving this as punishment. But that’s the reason it was bought - so that I could make up for seriouslyoverstepping the mark. It has certainly done the trick - although I have not really become more obedient ... Sinful gave good advice, delivered quickly and efficiently - so ifyou have done something wrong, you can make up for it quickly. Suitable for all adults who like light bdsm toys - and of course best suited for naked buttocks. Learn more

5 4 1
Really super, but not durable

It is actually quite delicious ... Without being smug, I am on the reasonable end when it comes to pain, and I enjoy the many streaks of dark purple marks this has given me. But it has the tendency to "tear" the skin, and where the end of the pain hits, my skin has been torn. Luckily we both like that sort of thing, but one should becareful with it, because despite its innocent appearance and small weight, it can be very, very evil. Unfortunately, it is not that durable. Fortunately, it is so cheap thatyou can just buy a new one. But here, the thrashing is done with energy and it has broken twice. Nothing a bit of glue couldn’t handle, but the durability is not top notch.But all in all, a great little whip - which gives a jolt in the body when it is gently pulled over the buttocks, before the burning, flicking surface pain hits. Learn more

5 2 1

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