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TENGA Original Vacuum Cup
TENGA Original Vacuum Cup
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TENGA Original Vacuum Cup

3.6 (5)
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Product Description

The TENGA Original Vacuum Cup is the updated version of the former Deep Throat Cup masturbation tool for men. The internal structure still offers the same wonderfully tantalising, sucking sensations, just like a true blowjob.

Thanks to the hourglass shape, you will feel a tight squeeze the second you penetrate the sleeve, and the internal structure will make sure to keep you stimulated with all the pleasing patterns and structures. Move the product back and forth in the motion you enjoy. Lube has already been added, for you to have the most realistic experience, but if you want even more glide, add spme water-based lube to the party.

You decide how intense and stimulating you want the experience to be via the vaccum effect controlled by the small valve at the top of the product.  

The product is designed for one time use. However, if you clean it with water and mild soap after use and let it airdry, you can use it multiple times.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 6.5 inches.
DIAMETER: 2.5 inches.
WEIGHT: 91 g.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
not good

Not a very high-quality gadget. Inside, there is only a codom-like sock and padded sponge-like material. That sock will get holes right away, all the items will be absorbed into that sponge. Really can only be used a few times. Of course I can’t see any reason why anyone should buy. I would recommend buying a €60 product as well – that isof good quality at least. Learn more

5 2 1
Boring orgasm...

In the past, being a very comfortable user of the tenga eggs, this did not feel as satisfying as I had imagined. The inside was completely covered by some form of lubricant that had the same consistency and smell as soap, which meant that after a while of use, more lubricant had to be added. There are some form of sponges in the opening that arebursting with lubricant and are intended to moisturize in the meantime, which admittedly worked, but it still dried out relatively quickly compared to regular lubricant. Thedescription says that it is intended to be used as a disposable item, which compared to tenga's regular eggs REALLY is. I usually try to be somewhat environmentally conscious,but in this case it was just to throw away after you were done. In the meantime, they had to work quite hard just to maintain the condition as the product unfortunately didnot feel realistic. Unfortunately, it will be a worse grade as the overall impression did not feel really good. It will simply continue with the eggs in the future! Learn more

5 3 1
Lovely warm, smooth and tight vagina

A deliciously hot smooth and tight vagina - the orgasm came after just a few minutes inside this Easy to bring to bed and with a discreet look - can be used several times if you use a condom and keep it clean. Learn more

5 5 1
Nice feeling with Tenga

I had been having a little trouble getting it up for a while. Tenga deep throat, really helped to get the perfect experience back, and now it's even more fun in bed, with her boyfriend. Praise from the satisfied customer. Learn more

5 5 1
WAY too expensive for just one time: /

Feels nice enough but honestly I think it is WAY too expensive compared to just throwing it out after. had I not been a clown and missed that this is a one time product until after I had ordered, I would not have bought it. do not really understand what the meaning of this is? once you have bought four of them you have spent the same money as youwould on a fleshlight anyway. in addition to that I would also like to point out that the inside of the product is like furniture foam, which in itself there is nothing wrongwith, but I keep for a while and it starts to get a little numb and skinless down there due to the texture. made it quite difficult to get as I like plus I could not feel somuch. all in all it feels a bit like a waste of money, will not suggest it Learn more

5 3 1

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