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The Japanese brand TENGA has quite frankly taken the whole sex toy industry by storm, especially when it comes to products designed for men. The incredibly simple, stylish, and user-friendly products are of such high quality that they easily excite users all over the world.

TENGA - world-known sex toys for men

When TENGA took the world by storm

Japanese Koichi Matsumoto started his career as an auto mechanic. For a decade he worked daily on valves and cylinders, until he had a bright idea: why not use the design from a car engine to create a new and exciting sex toy with an elegant and aestethic design? This was the moment TENGA was born. The brand’s first masturbators were launched in 2005 and since then more, and more incredible products have been created. Within the large selection of masturbators for men, you can find something for every need and in every size. 

Tenga is a Japanese word which means beautifully arranged and elegant. It was originally used to describe Japanese women’s beautiful kimonos. Matsumoto chose the name for his brand because he wanted to create a new image for male masturbators that differed from how most people viewed them. With TENGA he succeeded in creating innovative quality products in beautiful designs. Since 2005, the sex toys have won multiple prizes for their design and functionality. It is a brand that continuously renews itself, which is why we most certainly will keep seeing new models from them in the future. 

At Sinful we offer a very large selection of the Japanese brand.

TENGA egg and other masturbators

Unlike many other masturbators on the market, TENGA doesn’t want their products to imitate the feeling of a real vagina. They want to give their users an experience that doesn’t compare to anything they’ve tried before. Whether you are single or in a relationship, the Japanese sex toys can add an extra dimension to your masturbation- or sex-experience. Their products include both simple and advanced designs, all made of only the best materials and designed with close attention to detail. 

The brand started by creating different product series with male masturbators. In the first two series, TENGA Cup and Fliphole, you could clearly see that Matsumoto was inspired by his past as an auto mechanic. They had a simple yet elegant design that almost imitated valves and cylinders. Fliphole is still one of the most popular models, and it has also won several prizes. Another popular bestseller is TENGA Egg. They are, as the name suggests, shaped like an egg and can be bought in a package of 6 in an egg tray. TENGA Eggs are made of soft silicone and can be stretched out for the inner structure to cover the whole penis when using them.

More than just a masturbator

In later years, they have introduced new product series and extended their assortment to ensure that not only men all over the world can be satisfied with their products, but also women and couples. With series such as TENGA Iroha, which contains vibrators for women, and the penis ring, TENGA Smart Vibe that can be used as couples' sex toy, the brand has created even more fans. One of their many fans is the Japanese artist, Butcha U, who in tribute to the brand’s products, has created the comic Tengirls. In Tengirls, the well-known masturbators are depicted as women who, in famous comic book style, fight crime and evil. We bet there aren’t many other masturbators who can brag about starring in a comic book series.

No matter which product you choose, we are sure that you will receive the best possible masturbation- or sex-experience with it. All models are made of the best quality materials. With a bit of lube you’re sure to receive the best possible experience. Contact our customer service if you’re unsure of whether to choose a water-based lube or silicone lube.

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