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TENGA Soft Case Cup
TENGA Soft Case Cup
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TENGA Soft Case Cup

4.6 (3)
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Product Description

TENGA Soft Case Cup is a stylish masturbation product for men. Seize control of your own stimulation by grasping the tube gently or firmly, all depending on how intense or sensual you want the experience to be.

A nice detail on this product is the hole at the top which allows you to control how much vacuum you want to create in the tube. The vacuum creates a delightful sucking sensation, so if it’s a realistic experience you’re after, then TENGA Soft Case Cup is the masturbator for you.

The soft sleeve inside has a tantalising structure and lube has already been added. You can of course add more if you enjoy a wetter and even smoother experience.

This product is designed for single use, but if you use it with a condom, you can extend the lifetime of your TENGA Cup. Or you can wash it with warm water and a mild soap and let it airdry so it's ready for another round.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 5.9 inches
DIAMETER: 2.5 inches
DEPTH: Approx. 5.9 inches.
INNER DIAMETER: 0.4 inch (can be stretched up to approx. 2 inches)
WEIGHT: 91 g
LUBE: Water-based.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish.

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Customer Reviews (3)
Good Onahole

The product is designed to be disposable, and it is, unless you are a little inventive. Feels really good, even though I've used it three times already. (I found that the easiest way is to use with a really thin condom, so no need to clean the inside after finishing) Besides, even though I’m pretty medium myself, the cup felt pretty small inlength, I pushed maybe just two-thirds in before I could feel the back wall of the cup. The good side here is that the compression and suction are easy to adjust due to theflexible plastic walls. The only downside is that to be disposable, it is a bit expensive, as well as relatively loud. You cannot use it if there is someone else behind thewall in your apartment. But I my opinion, it's a good experience to try. Learn more

5 4 1
Gives a huge Orgasm

I really think TENGA Soft Tube Cup Original is good and all the money each, Wildly sexy product from Tenga had just a few problems in the beginning because I was not completely stiff, but when I became it was fantastic felt as tight as a real vagina: ) remember extra lube otherwise it will dry quickly ... Got the best and nicest orgasmlong orgasm by masturbating with myself Can highly recommend it and it can be used just a few more times if you have a condom on Learn more

5 4 1
Finally... ;-))

TENGA Soft Tube Cup Original a sexy "partner" to pull forward and now on Offer, just got one in reserve ;-) Was excited when I unpacked my Tenga! Did not need erotic movies. Was clear and excited, the nudged and soft but firm grip Tenga gives the penis is so sexy and setting up Suction was easy and fast. The only practice is that Tenga isa disposable sex toy otherwise only praises! Just want to order one more before the offer expires ;-) Learn more

5 5 1

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