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Different illustrations of romantic gesturesDifferent illustrations of romantic gestures

14 ways to spoil your partner

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The 14th of February is Valentine's day, and it’s the perfect time to share with your partner how much you care about them.

It can be done in many different ways, ones that are not just flowers, chocolates or teddy bears with hearts on their bellies.

One way you can show affection to your partner is by telling them how you’d like to be pampered.

When you tell your partner what you like, you show enormous trust, and that in itself is a giant declaration of love.

That’s why here, you’ll get 14 fabulous ideas for just that.

1. Use a song, poem or movie to tell me how much I mean to you

It’s helpful to use culture to communicate your feelings when they’re too hard to put into words. Sometimes a song can speak louder than words making it the perfect way to declare your love.

Illustration mouth in heart

2. Kiss me for 10 minutes without using your hands

Stay in the moment. Enjoy what you’re doing right now. A kiss can do so much more than set the stage for what’s coming next. It can be longing, affectionate, or sensual so enjoy it.

Illustration two half hearts kissing

3. Give me a massage, focusing on all your favourite places on my body

A massage is always lovely. Especially if it includes a little extra attention to the spots, your partner is utterly obsessed with. Maybe you’ll discover new places, or maybe you already know them all and are reaffirmed in your devotion.

Illustration of two hands and a heart with breasts

4. Write me a letter telling me why I make you happy

Words have a special kind of magic, regardless of whether you like to be brief or you like to use 100s of words to explain a single thing. It’s always great to learn why and how you make others happy. 

Illustration of a hand drawing a heart

5. Sit and face me while making loving eye contact for 5 minutes

It may seem forced at first and even a bit silly, but after a while, it can become a nice and relaxing way to connect with one another. Because how often do you look each other in the eye like that?

Illustration of a heart with two eyes, one is blinking

6. Lie down close to me and stay by me for half an hour

During the half-hour, it’s all about feeling one another's presence. Enjoy the silence while you caress and cuddle each other.

Illustration two hand palms together in front of a heartIllustration of a heart with a mouth in half and an ear in the other half

8. Plan a date night for me with the things you know I love

Favourite places, favourite series or creative projects. Let your partner show you that they know you well enough to know what you love most

Illustration of a heart with a rocket and two pencils in it

9. Surprise me

Big or small, surprises are one of those things that allow a partner can do something special on an ordinary weekday or special weekend.

Illustration of a heart wrapped with a bow

10. Make a playlist with ‘our songs’

The song you heard on your first date. The genre you always listen to on road trips or what you dance to in the kitchen. Throw it all on a playlist that can be the soundtrack to your relationship. 

Illustration of a heart with a g-clef and a note in it

11. Make a romantic dinner

Put on the playlist, light the candles and whip up your favourite dishes together. Leave the phones on silent and spend an evening together where you talk, laugh and get intimate.

Illustration of a heart with two wine glasses in it

12. Buy my favourite snacks

Never underestimate what a stocked snack cabinet can do! With all your favourite snacks in the house, a good atmosphere is guaranteed.

Illustration of a heart with a mouth eating a strawberry

13. Pamper me in bed where I’m the only focus

And say it out loud. Tell me it’s time for pampering and that my pleasure is your sole focus.

Illustration of a heart with a bed in it

14. Order a new sex toy from Sinful and use it on me

Illustration of a heart with sex toys in it

Declarations of love are always a hit and how you choose to do it is entirely up to you.  

The most important thing is that it comes from the heart and expresses some of the feelings you and your partner share for one another.


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