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Outline drawing of 3 sex positions on colourful backgroundOutline drawing of 3 sex positions on colourful background

Sex Positions: The Ultimate Guide

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Sex and sex positions are a bit like a puzzle. There are many different ways to put them together. In fact, only your imagination sets the limit on how you can put the puzzle together with your partner.

There are endless possibilities for sex positions. There’s everything from vanilla positions like the classic missionary to more kinky versions with BDSM equipment and Kama Sutra positions that really put your physique and agility to the test.

Good Sex Positions: Which Ones Are Best to Start With?

Sexual preferences are very individual, and all bodies are different. That's why it's so important to try something new from time to time. You could perhaps start with a new sex position or a sex position that looks like one you already know you love.

Or if you know you or your partner really like a certain type of sex, such as anal sex, you can start with a new position within that genre. Or you can simply start by jumping into something really different and see how it goes. Remember that laughter is also a way to increase intimacy and bring you closer together.

Some sex positions can be physically challenging and involve movements that could potentially cause minor injuries. If you’re embarking on something ambitious, it’s important to start slowly and constantly check with each other if everything is OK. If a particular sex position doesn’t work for either one or both of you, you can always move on to another.

And Now for the Sex Positions!

There are an infinite number of sex positions, and it’s actually only the imagination that sets the limits.

We cannot show a complete list here, and we certainly don’t know all sex positions that couples all over the world have come up with, but here is a selection of the most popular in different genres.

Vanilla With a Twist

You don’t need dildos or blindfolds to boost your sex life. If you want to spice things up a little bit, it may be enough to simply turn around, switch sides or get up and do it standing up.

Here are four easy alternatives to the missionary position for the curious sex position beginner. Maybe one of these is just what it takes to bring you to the seventh heaven? You will never find out unless you try.

1. Doggy style

You probably know it already, but doggy style is a pure classic when it comes to sex from behind. It’s primal and quite simple to do.

This sex position gives almost all control to the one at the back. It also allows for deeper penetration and stimulation of the woman’s G-spot or the man's P-spot. In fact, for many women, doggy style is just what it takes to hit the G-spot the right way so that they achieve the coveted G-spot orgasm.

Doggy style sex position

2. Cowgirl

This sex position is for those who want to take control and give their partner a full view of the glory. It can be slow and seductive, or it can be a quick race towards the finish line.

The person sitting on top can lift their hips and let their partner control the thrusts, or they can adjust the feeling by leaning down over their partner—or further back. Try it out and find out what works best for you.

Cow girl sex position

3. Reverse cowgirl

Sometimes even a small change can make a world of difference. It almost speaks for itself, but the reverse cowgirl is the same as the regular cowgirl—just the opposite way around, where the person at the top is now penetrated from behind.

This is a slightly more complicated sex position than the traditional cowgirl, as the angle makes it harder to keep the rhythm and tempo, but try it out slowly. In this sex position, you can also experiment with the person at the top leaning forward or backwards. Among other things, it can provide a little extra support if you bend over your partner's legs.

When you master this sex position, it’s nothing short of amazing. The person on the bottom gets a really naughty view from behind, which doesn’t reveal the partner's facial expression, and this can be quite tantalizing. The reverse cowgirl is also ideal for stimulating both the G-spot and the P-spot.

Reverse cowgirl sex position

4. Spooning

This sex position combines sex with lying in a spoon, and it gives you a comfortable way to build up the pace or to vary between a slow and fast pace.

It also allows you to experiment a lot with the depth of penetration. You can try where the receiver either has their legs together, has raised the upper leg or has pushed the legs even further forward.

The spoon also works great for anal sex, which gives you a good compromise between the loving and the slightly naughtier sex type.

Spooning sex position

Sex positions involving the mouth

If you’re into oral sex, there are endless possibilities for varying sex positions. Here are a few variations for both fellatio (for partners with a penis) and cunnilingus (for partners with a vagina), as well as the classic 69 with a twist.

1. The crab

This sex position is a guaranteed winner among many, whether you’re a giver or a receiver. Your partner should lie on their back with their knees bent and with a pillow or two under their head. The other person lies down on their back with their head resting between their partner's thighs and with their legs on either side of the head.

Make sure that you’re close enough to the giver’s mouth so that it’s not too strenuous to reach the good parts. If necessary, pull the abdomen slightly up towards the face. At the same time, the giver has easy access to other erogenous zones, which can be a stimulating part of the play for both of you.

Tip! The receiver is able to move their hands freely, so why not let them take loving care of their partner's genitals?

The crab sex position

2. Standing 69

As you can probably figure out, this sex position is physically demanding. The strongest and heaviest of you begins by sitting down. The other stands with their back facing the seated person, then bends forward and places their head between the legs of the one sitting down. The seated person now lifts the standing partner up so that the head is turned around and the legs are resting on the shoulders.

The heads of both partners must now be placed between the legs of the other. Make sure to hold your arms around each other in a firm grip. The seated person can now try to get up so that you achieve the standing 69.

Note! This is not a sex position you should try for a long time, at most a few minutes—and ONLY if the one holding the other is 100% sure they are strong enough for it.

You can always continue with the traditional 69, where one person is lying down on their back while the other lies on top of them in the opposite direction. And if you want to be even more comfortable, then both of you can lie down on your sides. This also allows the two of you to have both of your hands available for sensual teasing of the breasts, buttocks and testicles.

Standing 69 sex position

3. Deep throat serving

It goes without saying that a person needs to have practised receiving the penis deeply before embarking on this sex position. That being said, it's probably the best position for practising deep-throating, as the mouth and throat almost merge into one.

Since the receiver will have great freedom of movement in this sex position, it may be a good idea for the giver to use their hands for help and to control the thrusting.

Tip! It might be a good idea to lie down on a table so that the receiver’s partner doesn’t have to get far down on their knees to place the penis at the right height of the mouth of the giver.

Deep throat serving sex position

Greek sex

The Greeks are lucky to have the anal sex discipline named after them. When it comes to anal sex, it’s important that you don’t throw yourself into new advanced sex positions without having good experience with the basics first.

Read more in our guides Get a Good Start to Anal Sex and The biggest advantages of anal play. Regardless of your level, it’s a good idea to follow the three golden tips for good anal sex:

  • Make sure to warm up before getting started (e.g. with a small anal plug).
  • Make sure you’re both completely ready (communication is key).
  • Use anal lube, and lots of it.

Here we offer three suggestions for new anal sex positions, which can help to add a little extra spice to the sex life. However, remember that even if you’re experienced in anal sex, it may take time to get used to a new sex position, so be patient with each other, and don’t give up if the first time doesn't turn out all that great. You’re well on your way to the best anal experience EVER!

1. The Sphinx

This sex position is a new variation of the classic doggy style. The receiving party squats down with spread legs and leans forward on the elbows so that the rear is lifted up. The giver stretches their legs backwards to add more weight than if the person were on their knees.

The Sphinx both feels sexy and looks really sexy. It’s relatively simple to try out, but can be a challenge for the receiver, as they carry all the weight on their forearms and hands. However, it’s still worth trying out, as there’s a really good possibility for prostate stimulation. The receiver can try to support the arms on a good firm pillow or two—it may help with holding the sex position for longer.

The Sphinx sex position

2. The small lift

Another variant of the sex position doggy style, where the receiver's head and upper body are lowered completely onto the bed, but the butt is lifted up towards the penetrating partner. If the receiver is lying on some pillows (or, even better, a sex pillow), the sex position becomes much more comfortable.

In this sex position, the stimulation of the prostate is amplified, as it will be closer to the penetrating partner. Be aware, however, that the sex position makes it difficult to communicate with body language, so remember to say out loud what feels nice and what does not.

Tip! This sex position also works great the other way around—that is, the anal version of the missionary position, where the sex pillow also helps the receiving party to lift the buttocks up, so the giver has easier access to penetrate. Then you also have the opportunity to make eye contact with each other.

The small lift sex position

3. The hinge

The hinge is an intense sex position, which makes it possible to penetrate extra deep. However, it requires a certain level of agility for both parties. The giver should have one knee on the bed, while the foot of the other leg rests flat on the bed. At the same time, the giver should lean slightly backwards with the weight on their hands.

The receiver stands on all fours with their forearms flat on the bed. Make sure that only the knees and toes touch the bed, so that the buttocks get an extra lift upwards.

We intentionally use a soft surface (the bed) in this sex position, as both knees and elbows are used as support. The receiver can also use a pillow in order to help relieve forearms and shoulders. The sex position is both intense and quite advanced, so it might be a good idea to wait with performing it until the end of your play session, when you’re both really turned on and able to reach the climax faster.

Tip! Why not try out this sex position for vaginal penetration as well?

The hinge sex position

Bondage sex

It almost goes without saying that bondage sex involves you adding some kind of bondage to your sex position. It can be anything from cuffs to satin ties or bondage rope, or maybe just a regular tie in the best Christian Grey style.

It can be incredibly stimulating for both parties that the hands cannot be used and that the other party is in full control.

See our take on three sex positions for bondage sex that light an extra spark in the bedroom.

1. The spread eagle

In this sex position, one of you is lying on your back in bed with your arms and legs spread out. The person must have both their arms and legs strapped to the bed. Here you can use a bondage set for the bed, which can easily be used as shown in the picture, even if you don’t have bedposts.

There is now full access to the one lying down all spread out. This vulnerability can make it extra exciting for both of you, and at the same time it opens up for many different types of sex and BDSM play. For example, try adding a blindfold or a gagball during the sex position to enhance the feeling of vulnerability and sharpen the senses.

However, keep an eye on the blood flow of the receiver, as keeping the hands above the head can make them numb over time. Also, make sure that the cuffs are not too tight around the wrists and ankles. There must always be room for at least one finger between the cuff and the skin.

Tip! If you want to make it extra naughty, the receiver can lie on their stomach instead of on their back. It can make it extra stimulating not being able to see what your partner is doing.

The spread eagle sex position

2. The bondage chair

As suggested by its' name, this sex position is carried out by tying one of you to a chair (make sure to choose a sturdy one that doesn’t tip over easily). You can use both bondage rope and tape to tie up each other, but we recommend bondage tape, especially for beginners, as it’s quick and easy to use for everyone.

The good thing about this sex position is that it doesn’t put a lot of strain on the bound party due to the fact that you’re sitting down. At the same time, it gives the partner really nice access to play with breasts and nipples—and if the legs are taped to the outside of the chair legs, it gives even better access to the vagina or penis. The clitoral area can be stimulated with a vibrator or a willing tongue, while the penis and testicles can be stimulated completely freely with both hands and mouth.

With bondage tape, you can vary the extent to which the movement of the bound should be limited, and you can add blindfolds, gags and other BDSM equipment. Only your imagination sets the limits.

The bondage chair sex position

3. The frog

This sex position takes doggy style to a whole new level, as the wrists are tied to the ankles.

Here, the recipient must kneel with their head and shoulders resting on the bed, or on a pillow and with their arms between their legs, so that their wrists are in line with their ankles. The wrists are then locked to the ankles with bondage rope, tape, cuffs or with a spreading rod that is absolutely perfect for exactly this position.

The frog strongly impedes the receiver's freedom of movement and makes the person very vulnerable. Therefore, make sure to talk it through before you start, and agree on a safeword that can use to immediately interrupt the play. This sex position works super well for both anal and vaginal sex, but you can also venture out into other kinky adventures such as spanking and pain play.

The frog sex position

Ninja sex

With this genre, we are now moving into the Kama Sutra department, which requires more in terms of agility and endurance.

We have given the following sex positions a difficulty level from 1–10. Difficulty level 10 should only be attempted if both parties are agile and physically strong.

1. The bamboo clover

This is a classic Kama Sutra sex position, which is a relatively easy variation of the missionary position. However, it requires a little flexibility for the receiver, as they are lying on their back with one leg lifted straight up in the air, while the other leg lies stretched out on the bed or floor.

The giver sits cross-legged on the partner's lower leg, while the other leg is allowed to rest against the shoulder. The giver holds on to the receiver's raised leg while penetrating and thrusting.

One of the great advantages of the bamboo clover is that it allows for deep penetration. It also provides really good access to the clitoris, which can be stimulated with hands or a clitoral vibrator at the same time. If the sex position becomes too tiring, the upper leg can be lowered while the other is lifted up and rests against the partner's shoulder.

Difficulty level: 5

The bamboo clover sex position

2. The pair of tongs

In this sex position, the recipient lies their side with half of the upper body on the bed (and while supporting with the elbow), while the other half is held by the giver. If you have the courage for an extra challenge, the sex position can be performed without a bed and by placing the hand flat on the floor (as shown in the picture).

The giver is facing the partner with a firm grip on the hip/waist. Here the giver also uses the legs to keep the partner's lower leg down and the upper leg up, and at the same time inserts the penis or the strap-on.

Difficulty level: with bed, 7; without bed, 10

The pair of tongs sex position

3. Triceps dips

This sex position can be attempted in two different ways. Both of them require really good strength but are not impossible to achieve.

In the small dip (or dive), the giver sits on a sofa, while stretching out their arms behind them and placing the feet on a coffee table or a puff chair. The partner sits cross-legged while the giver uses the arms to push themselves up and down.

Triceps dip small dive sex position

In the big dive, the sex position is the opposite. This is to say, the giver lies on their back on the floor, e.g. on a large pillow next to the sofa. The partner now assumes the sex position that the giver had before, but this time it’s the receiver who raises and lowers themselves.

The challenge, of course, is to be in really good shape to be able to do triceps dips for a long time, while concentrating on keeping the penis/strap-on inside the partner at the same time.

Difficulty level: 9

Why try new sex positions?

Once you’ve clicked on this blog post (and been through all the positions), you’re probably looking for the best sex positions to add some extra spice to your sex life. And you’re not alone. Humans have probably been trying to solve the puzzle in different ways since Adam and Eve.

Kama Sutra

However, it was the Hindu work Kama Sutra from approx. 300 AD, originally written in Sanskrit, which made finding new ways to practise sheet gymnastics popular—even though only a single chapter of the work was dedicated to this.

The Kama Sutra was published in English in 1883. However, its great popularity only started when the chapter on sex positions began to circulate on the web as a stand-alone text in the 1990s.

Although today the Kama Sutra is known as a book on sex positions, the work as a whole was intended as a treatise on pleasure. Upon publication, it was considered a manual on how to live a good life. Including how to have a happy marriage, how to express love for each other through sex, how to satisfy your partner and create enjoyment and variety in one’s sex life.

Be together in new ways

Enjoyment and variety are often the reasons why we want to try out new and good sex positions.

The new and untried sex positions let you explore new erogenous zones. They can increase your initiative and enthusiasm for sex, and they can swap around the usual power dynamics between you and your partner. And they can make you see your partner from a new angle—literally!

When you explore new and good sex positions together, your sex life becomes more intimate, because you push yourselves to your limits together and discover new ways to enjoy each other. In this way you achieve more enjoyment—both together and individually. Also, don’t forget that new sex positions can increase your chances of achieving more and better orgasms.

Need we say more? All you need is just to get started!

Have fun with your new sex positions!

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