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Pile of many different sextoys on a neutral backgroundPile of many different sextoys on a neutral background

What hides in the bedside drawers of the people of the United Kingdom?

For some, it is hand cream, reading glasses and mints that are stored in the bedside drawer but for a lot of us, sex toys are part of the inventory list as well.  

Sex toys can be your perfect little helper for sweet release and they can assist as a conversation starter with a partner. But how many of us have actually tried sex toys?  

This, amongst many other interesting things, you get an answer to in our comprehensive study on sex, intimacy and relationships: Sindex by Sinful. Let’s have a look at what we’ve learned.

Sex toys are completely normal

Every other person has tried sex toys while every 41% owns one or more pieces themselves. 

This means that almost half of us has got experience with sex toys and all the benefits that come along with them.

But who takes first place in general when it comes to the use of sex toys? 

It’s the people who are 40-41 years old, lives in Northeast England and the East Midlands and is named David or Sarah. 

Psst. You can get to know even more about what a “normal” sexlife looks like in United Kingdom right here.

A person sitting on another person holding a vibrator egg

Sex toys are conversation starters 

Our study also shows that 66% who own sex toys are generally more happy and content with their sex life than the ones who don’t.  

There can be several reasons behind this.

Sex toys can be your tool for great orgasms but they come with so many more benefits than that - sex toys help you explore your body and get to know yourself better. The better you know your body and needs, the easier it is to tell a person exactly what and how you like it. 

As if those benefits weren’t enough, it naturally begets training in communication skills around sex. 

Our Sindex has previously confirmed that 71% who are good at talking about sex with their partners are more satisfied with their sex life. Read more here

If you know what works for you, the next step is putting words to your desires - or maybe by showing how to. This is where sex toys really come in handy because they can demonstrate something that might be hard to put into words.

A playful box with a collection of different sex toys is absolutely perfect for this purpose. You can let this box be the conversation starter that initiates the start of an even better sex life.

Older couple smiling at each other

Let’s talk about sex - The Game

There are, of course, several ways to spark conversation. One of the is with our Let's Talk About Sex - The Game. A card game that contains 52 questions about intimacy and sex. You simply pick a card, ask the question and let the conversation play out. You will most certainly cover a lot of ground concerning each other’s desires, fantasies and preferences. It’s a fun and easy way to get the conversation going. 

Psst! You can easily play ‘Let's Talk About Sex - The Game’ with your friends.

About the Study: Sindex by Sinful

Sindex by Sinful is based on an international study carried out by Cint on behalf of Sinful paired with sales data from Sinful. The data is collected from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France and the United Kingdom with 2,000 respondents from each country.

Data has been collected from the 17th of May till the 8th of June, 2022.

Read more on Sindex by Sinful, where we reveal new and exciting findings from the study ever quarter for the whole of 2023.

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