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Fetish Lubes

Here you will find the most popular lubricants in the BDSM universe. Lubricants and sex toys are a match made in heaven, and these lubes glide especially well. You can find water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, and anal lubes in our selection.

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Astroglide (4)
Baseks (1)
BeGloss (1)
Boy Butter (2)
Cobeco (1)
Crisco (1)
Dr.Love (2)
E-Stim (1)
EasyGlide (1)
Eros (9)
Fist It (3)
Fisting gel (2)
Flutschi (5)
Gun Oil (1)
Hot (1)
ID Lube (3)
Joydivision (3)
Kama Sutra (1)
Master Series (1)
Mister B (5)
Mixed (11)
Pjur (8)
Sinful (3)
Sliquid (1)
Swiss Navy (3)
Uberlübe (1)
Waterglide (5)
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