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Clamps & Pumps

Clamps, pumps and suction cups come in many shapes and forms, common to them all is that they feel painful and extremely stimulating at the same time. They also increase sensitivity in the exposed areas for an extra sensual and kinky experience.

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Nipple clamps: The combination of pleasure and pain

Why buy nipple clamps

A nipple clamp is a type of sex toy that can provide stimulation to the nipples. Using af pair of clamps can spice up your sexlife and provide new ways of pleasure. They can even add an element of power play to your sex life. So, if you want to try something new, try out a pair of nipple clamps. They’re a lot of fun to play with, and they can really take your sexual pleasure to the next level.

How to use nipple toy

Using a nipple toy, you will experience the way they pinch and pull your nipples, making your nipples extra sensitive to every following touch. This kind of toy can also be used outside the bedroom. Put on your favourite toy and then go about your day as usual. You will definitely feel super naughty throughout the day, making the day more exciting.

If it’s your first time trying out a nipple toy, we at Sinful recommend you to choose a pair of nipple clamps with light weight. When getting more experienced, you can move on to a more advanced pair with more weight.

Experience increased sensation with a nipple clip

A nipple clip creates a combination of pain and pleasure which makes your body more ecstatic. With a clip for the nipples you can find that perfect line between sweet pain and enjoyable pleasure. When taking the nipple clip off the blood will rush back to your pretty pink nipples, making them more sensitive than you would ever thought possible. If playing with your partner you can ask him or her to breathe, lick and gently suck at your nipple afterwards which makes the sensation even more intense.

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
TickFree shipping on orders over £55
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