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Chastity Devices

Surrender and let your dominant take complete control of your pleasure with a chastity device or cock cage. A chastity device is both painful and thrilling at the same time, and it provides ample options for kinky and sexy play.

Chastity: Ideal for dominant play

Try chastity to gain complete control

Chastity toys are for those who love to engage in dominant play. It typically takes the form of a cock cage, where the man's lower regions are locked inside a cage. This creates a sense of sexual abstinence because all access to the penis is cut off - hence the word chastity. Even though there is no direct access to the lower regions, it can still create great satisfaction to use them.

This can be both for the dominant, who gets to take control, as well as for the submissive, who is controlled and abstained. It can be extremely hot if you are interested in dominance play and the BDSM universe. They come in metal, steel, plastic and silicone, so there is something for everyone's taste. You will therefore easily find a model that fits your needs here at Sinful.

Why use a chastity cage?

A chastity cage is a sexy and exciting piece of sex toy that can be used both short-term, for example as part of foreplay, or long-term, as part of a naughty fetish game where the wearer is denied orgasm. The chastity cage works by the belt being pulled up around the penis and locked in place with a ring that sits behind the scrotum.

Once the lock is closed, it is securely in place and the wearer cannot orgasm, as neither masturbation nor intercourse is possible. It is locked with a padlock of either plastic or metal, and it is then the keyholder - the dominant one - who decides how long the toy will be worn. If it is removed without permission, the keyholder can hold the person accountable for this.

This game is incredibly naughty and can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours or weeks. Only your imagination sets the limits. Both parties must be on board with the game and know each other's limits so that it is a good experience for everyone involved. Once you get started using cockcages, it is incredibly addictive.

Chastity device for both men and women

Traditionally, chastity devices have mostly been intended for men, but there has also been a wide range of models for women. Even though they don't have the same design as for men, they work in the same way. They can be obtained both where they cover the entire intimate area or with a naughty chain, which goes from the front to the back and doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Most of the time, it looks somewhat like panties, which are typically made of leather, where there is either a hole or completely closed off to the woman's vagina, depending on what type of play you're into. At Sinful, we sell a wide range of the most popular chastity devices. CB-X is among the leading brands and has a wide selection of high quality. There are also variants with electrical stimulations, and here Mystim is a really solid choice.

It can be difficult to figure out which chastity device to choose - especially if you're completely green and have never tried this type of dominance play before. You are always welcome to contact our customer service if you have questions or need guidance. We are ready to help you find the perfect solution.

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
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