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Suction Cups

Suction cups create a vacuum on the body thereby increasing sensitivity. Experience a whole new kind of intense and kinky stimulation with suction cups on the nipples, vagina, anus or somewhere else entirely - the only limit is your own imagination.

BDSM suction cups: For a kinky experience

How does nipple suction cups work

There’s something about nipple suction cups that’s really intriguing. Maybe it’s the way they look, all perky and inviting. This kind of fetish sex toy is a great choice if you want to try out increased nipple sensation and it can be used for both solo play and during sex.

They work by creating a vacuum around the nipple, which usually increases blood flow and makes the nipples more sensitive. To use nipple suction cups, simply place the cup over the nipple and squeeze the bulb to create the vacuum. You can experiment with different levels of suction to find what feels best. Once you're done, release the bulb to break the seal and remove the cup.

bdsm suction for bodily pleasure

If you’re especially fond of fetish play, bdsm suction is the way to go. With suction toys, you get an extra layer of stimulation during sex, making the whole experience much more intense.

For example, one partner may use a suction cup to stimulate the other partner's clitoris while the other partner uses a different suction cup to stimulate their own penis or vagina. Additionally, bdsm suction can be used to create bodily pleasure, such as massages or other forms of stimulation. Browse through our assortment of products specially designed for this and try it out! We’re sure you won’t regret it. If you’re interested in similar products, you’re also welcome to check out our nipple clamps and pumps.

Suction cups bdsm play

At Sinful, we offer a selection of different kinds of suction cups. You will find the largest selection within nipple suction cups and some of them even have an extra feature of vibrations. But you will also be able to find variants for the whole breast, sets of cups or even cups for anal stimulation. The thing that all suction cups bdsm have in common is that they can both be used as part of foreplay or during the action itself. Suction cups bdsm are ideal for kinky play creating an enormous amount of sensitivity.

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