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Dilators & Sounds

With our great selection of dilators and sounds, you can find stimulation that is both painful and wonderful all at once. Dilators and sounds stimulate the sensitive nerves in the urethra providing intense and pleasurable stimulation.

Urethral toys for kinky clinic sex and play

What are urethral toys?

Urethral toys are especially used for clinic sex. If you are new to clinic sex, let's start by explaining what kind of toys we are talking about and which ones that are particularly popular in this somewhat of a niche, but extremely arousing fetish category. It should be said right away that it's not for everyone, and that you have to be turned on by a certain kind of pain and erotic dominance to be able to fully surrender to it.

Before you rush to fill your shopping cart with urethral toys, you should be aware that special care must be taken when using these kinds of tools. Having said that, they are the perfect props to act out the ultimate fantasy where you play doctor. Here you can go on a naughty and curious exploration of each other's bodies - both externally and internally - play with stimulating sensory input and test each other's limits and trust.

Urethral toys and play encompass all the naughty elements and kinky aspects that the world of erotic dominance has to offer. Especially if you fully live out the doctor/patient relationship and dress up in the appropriate costumes. Welcome to the world of pleasurable urethral toys!

Sounding toys for men and women

Whether one is male or female, one can achieve great pleasure from the use of sounding toys. What is common for both sexes is that on both sides of the woman's and the man's urethra there are a number of sensitive nerve endings that can be stimulated and give a very special feeling of pleasure when a dilator is inserted. Some people get turned on by getting penetrated by an "unusual" or different part of the body, while others are primarily turned on by the penetration as part of BDSM power play.

If you and your partner are beginners, you should experiment with the smallest variant before moving on to one that is larger. Remember plenty of lubricant! The tools should sink and not be forced into the vagina or urethra. It can cause great damage if the object is forced in.

Another important element when choosing to use urethral toys as part of a BDSM power play is to make sure to be very hygienic. Since this is about insertion into body openings that are not necessarily used for stimulation or insertion of foreign objects, it is important that the products are kept sterile. Therefore, they should always be sprayed with a disinfecting cleanser before use, and you should always make sure that you yourself are also completely clean before you start your kinky play.

Buy dilator sets here

Dilator sets can be used for more than just stimulating the urethra. There are also variants that are specifically used for anal stimulation, as these typically are larger and some also are hollow inside, which allows you to fulfill your desires for complete submission, as you will be completely exposed. So it is a tool for those who are into the more hardcore BDSM play, and who have experience with previous anal sex toys.

When it comes to a dilator set, this is also where one would, for example, use the toy to stimulate the penis with. Since a man's semen comes out through the urethra, the toy can be used in different ways. One can either choose a closed variant, which does not allow the man to experience ejaculation, as the urethra is closed off. This can be extremely painful, which is why one must proceed very carefully. The other variant is a hollowed out one with which it is possible for the man to come through the toy, and thereby achieve climax through the painful stimulation and expansion of the urethra.

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
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