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BDSM Body Harnesses

When it's time to prepare for a kinky bondage session, why not dress for the part, too? BDSM body harnesses often feature rings you can use to attach bondage cuffs and other bondage gear to make your play even more restrictive. And then there's of course the way it all looks on you...


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BDSM Harness - Fun and functional

What is a BDSM body harness?

For those who don’t know much about fetish products and clothes, a BDSM body harness can appear a bit intimidating. But it doesn’t actually have to be. It can be a cool and sexy piece of clothing to wear. Imagine a pattern of decorative straps that run around your breasts or thighs, or even accentuate your waist, shoulders or intimate areas. Suddenly it doesn’t sound that intimidating, does it? Instead it can be seductive and arousing, which is exactly why so many people like it. 

A BDSM body harness is simple in its design with only a few straps in either leather, lacquer, latex or other synthetic fabrics. But you can also find more detailed versions designed with several straps or patterns. It can both be worn as the only garment or combined with some sexy underwear. Even though we refer to it as a type of clothing or garment, it doesn’t leave much for the imagination and can also be described as an accessory. No matter how it’s characterised though, it is perfect for whenever you want to feel sexy.

Anyone can use it

You read correctly. A BDSM harness can be used by anyone. The main point is simply for it to make you feel sexy, exactly as you are. Whether you want to enhance your waist, thighs or maybe even your breasts or shoulders. Or what about putting the focus on your hips? This can be extra sexy because it is where most of the business takes place during intercourse. Just remember, it is you and your body that is sexy, the BDSM harness simply enhances it. 

A BDSM harness comes in many different designs, from more innocent and sexy costumes to hardcore models used for bondage and fetish play. If you’re more into kinky play, you can choose a design with built-in D- or O-rings. They can be used to attach bondage handcuffs, turning it into a functional accessory that the dominating party can use to control the submissive with. Whether you’re the dominant or submissive one, you can gain a lot of pleasure from a BDSM harness.

Use it for foreplay

As we have just mentioned how revealing and sexy a BDSM harness can be, it is of course necessary to suggest it as a part of foreplay. And in the same way as sexy lingerie can be worn under normal clothes anytime, you can also wear the BDSM harness under your outfit when out in public. Especially if you and your partner have previous experience using this type of product. Try to match it up with a low-cut shirt where it peaks out, next time you go out. Whether you’re out with a partner, allowing some peaks to tease them, or just want to look good for a night out, it can be a very seductive and sexy addition to an outfit. 

A BDSM harness is perfect in combination with a number of different sex toys and creates the opportunity for you to live out your fanatsies to the fullest. With such a versatile product in the bedroom, we have no doubt that you will be able to experience pleasure in a completely new and incredible way.


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