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Fetish Furniture

There are lots of different BDSM furniture available perfect for exploring the thrilling fetish universe. We have everything from sheets and pillows to swings and chairs among our popular furniture for fetish enthusiasts. Find your new favourite below.

BDSM furniture that fits into your interior design

New decor with BDSM furniture

Are you redecorating your living room or bedroom, or maybe even the playroom? Then Sinful has something for you. Our range of BDSM furniture includes many different and subtle pieces of furniture that can almost fit into any living room. Take for example our sex chairs, which are so discreet that they can blend in with the normal decor. Almost. So it's just a matter of getting started with the new decor and putting some BDSM furniture in place. If you don't think the BDSM furniture fits in with your current decor but you still need a new sex swing, we'll sort that out too.

Regardless of whether you are into BDSM or not, a couple of new latex sheets from our assortment can really help you let off some steam in the bedroom. We have both sheets that cover the top mattress of the bed and sheets with edges that can be used on the floor if you want to avoid getting any fluids on your furniture.

When you shop BDSM furniture from our sex shop you always get fast and discreet shipping, so there is no reason not to pick out your favourites from the selection above today.

Which bondage furniture should you buy first?

If you, like many other fetishists, have a playroom for when you want to get really naughty and kinky, then you probably also have a lot of bondage furniture already in there. Whether it's swings, stands, SM crosses, chairs, slave cages or a foldable bondage board, you can also recognise the feeling of having bought quality and how nice it is to step into the sex room and just enjoy the various BDSM furniture and equipment.

But what should you actually buy and start out with? It can be difficult to find your very first piece of bondage furniture, but a good rule of thumb is that you should not buy larger furniture than you can hide away in a closet or in the attic until you find out if it is something for you. You should also always start slowly with bondage furniture. Buy for example a small chair that can be hidden away. Alternatively, you can also buy a removable and movable door swing. Or you can start by buying some new sex sheets. Latex sheets are very popular at the moment and the whole fetish play can easily take place on a latex sheet with high edges. This ensures that oil and liquids don't spill out on the bed. Now that's practical.

SM furniture can also be tantalising pillows and sheets

Sinful offers a little bit of everything within the genre of BDSM furniture, but one of the more popular types of items are small discreet pillows that can be used for support in the various sex positions. You can't see with the naked eye that they are sex pillows, but they work in such a way that they are inserted under your partner in various positions so that there is some extra support and comfort. Many of the pillows in our product assortment also come with various accessories, which can be utilized to restrain the person supported by the pillow in explicit positions.

The pillows are very innocent and for the cautious. If you want to get really wild, we recommend a proper piece of SM furniture like a classic bondage board or vacuum bed. A vaccum bed works so that you lie between two pieces of latex in a fixed frame. Or your partner can lie down in it. The two pieces of latex are then zipped together and the person lying in the bed attaches a straw for fresh air in their mouth. A vacuum cleaner is then attached and the air is sucked out, so you are in a vacuum and the person lying on the bed has complete power over you. Breathing games and breath control can now be exercised, but as always you should be very careful as it can be dangerous. This must be said to be the ultimate SM furniture available on the market.

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Discreet delivery and packaging
Free shipping on orders over £55
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