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Delay Sprays

Prolong the pleasurable moments with a delay spray, gel or cream. We have a wide selection of products that make your erotic moments last. A delay spray or cream is brilliant if you want to last longer and prolong the pleasure for both you and your partner.

Delay spray for a longer playtime

Try a delay spray and last longer

There's almost nothing worse than not being able to last as long in bed as you would like. It may be that thoughts of finally finding relief are making it difficult to last as long as you want. It could also be that you have some physical challenges that simply make it impossible to hold your ejaculation back as much as you want. Try delay spray to prevent this.

For some people, it is enough to simply practice to become more endurant. This can be done with regular home training, but of course you can also use sex toys that are designed to train your endurance, so that over time you will be able to last longer in bed. Among other things, the popular brand Fleshlight makes some of their popular products for this purpose.

If you're not so much into stamina training, fortunately there are also other methods for how you can hold your ejaculation back a little longer. This is where delay spray comes into play.

How does delay spray for men work?

Delay spray for men is a kind of local anesthetic spray that can reduce the sensitivity of your penis, so you can last longer in bed. The spray temporarily numbs the penis. The anesthetic can be both medically sound and consist of extracts from various natural herbs. Therefore, the stimulation of the penis will not feel as strong. It takes longer-lasting stimulation to reach orgasm.

Typically, the delay spray for men is applied to the penis, then allowed to work for a few minutes before starting intercourse or other sexual play. It is a good idea to make sure that the product is properly absorbed into the skin before penetrating your partner, as the anesthetic will also affect them, which may not be desired. Some find that a delay spray can allow them to maintain an erection for much longer and also avoid premature ejaculation.

For some men it is about experiencing much greater endurance, while for others it is only about minutes of extra endurance. Regardless of the result achieved by using the product, it is certainly something that will bring joy to both oneself and one's partner.

Find the best delay spray for men

At this site you will find all the best delay spray for men. At Sinful, we are convinced that when you choose to use a product that can hold back your ejaculation, you should naturally find the form that suits you best. Some people find it most comfortable to use a delay cream or delay gel, while others are more into using delay spray.

If you choose the cream-based or gel-based model, you spread the product on your genitals to numb the area. Therefore, it is of course important that you wash your hands thoroughly so that you do not become numb in this part of the body, where it is not necessary at all. Others would rather make use of a delay spray because they find it easier to dose.

In that way, you are also free from experiencing numbness in other areas than just where you want a numbing effect. Regardless of which variant you are most into, you can be sure to find the best delay spray for men here.

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
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