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XX-DreamsToys Black Leather Flogger 18.5 inches var 1


This beautiful black leather flogger with approx. 48 fronds is for erotic adventurers who crave both gentle caresses and titillating stings. The 18.5 inches long whip has a solid handle for good grip. The handle is 5.5 inches long and 1 inch wide and includes a wrist strap to prevent it flying from the hand. This black leather flogger is great for both dominant play and punishment, and can be used regardless of whether you have experience in whipping or not.

We recommend that you practice using a leather flogger, ensuring you can do it right before using it on your partner. Try to use it on yourself first, to see how hard it hits, before you use it on someone else.

Product Weight (g)250
Full Length (in)24.02
Primary materialLeather
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Customer reviews (0)
Great value
Subt - 2. jan. 2024
The receiver was very pleased with this and thought it a good looking item as well as performing well. Holds nicely I'm told ;) also feels good.
Stable flogger
Peter - 21. jul. 2021
A flogger with a simple design that gives a solid impression. It will probably be a reliable workhorse in our kinky stable.
Lives up to expectations
Richard Jönsson - 3. may. 2021
I’m super satisfied! It feels amazing!
Fits in my hand nicely
Björn - 19. jul. 2020
It just arrived in the mail today and you wouldn’t believe how excited we were to try it ;) We traded up from a cheaper model and the difference is just night and day! I have quite large fists but I can hold it comfortably and get a good hold around the shaft. It makes a wonderful whipping sound when it hits bare skin. My wife shook with pleasure when we used it. The weight of it, which comes from the fact that it is made entirely of leather except for the metal loop at the top of the shaft, means that you don’t have to smack very hard to get a good hit. Suitable for beginners and those with a bit more experience. We have not tried to hit really hard yet but our first impression is that it can withstand harder use. I highly recommend this product! 5 out of 5 stars!
Zinfull - 26. dec. 2019
Weight and material are top quality. Best buy!
It requires practice
Sara88 - 24. aug. 2020
Good leathern scent and feel. It’s heavy and requires a beginner to have some familiarity. A very high quality product for its price.
Go for it!
Anonymous - 7. apr. 2016
I was a little intimidated at first when I unwrapped this flogger and held it in my hand, because it seemed a bit violent and rough. But after my husband took it for the first time, I loved it and have never regretted buying it! It's made of nice leather, is robust and feels good in the hand. Not too heavy either, but well balanced. The prongs are a good length, so you can get a good whack without having to use too much force. The high quality of the whip also means that the floggers are durable, so you don't have to worry about them breaking on this one, which can be a problem with other floggers. Whether you're into gentle or harder strokes, I would definitely recommend this whip. Even as a beginner, but, but, but, it must be said that it can hit extremely hard! as it is also written in the description, so try it on yourself before using it on others ;) Furthermore, I would also emphasise the sound, because it is a big part of the experience. The sound of the leather beads hitting the skin is fantastic, whether it's light, tantalising strokes or hard slaps :P Again, definitely a recommendation from here.
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Super good beginner whip
Anonymous - 10. oct. 2019
There's a buzz through the room. The echo of the battle reverberates through history. My hand is taken from Pontius Pilate into the present in a painful flash of pleasure! Bible verses are drawn on the skin after contact with this divine remedy: Venomous blood clots erupt on the smooth surface, and we rejoice at the sight! The next testament is written in sweat and blood on our bodies, and the pen wielded is the whip that commits the gospel over and over again.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
We are satisfied
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Good quality and makes a really good sound. Works just as it should :)
Machine translated from sinful.dk
High quality
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
High quality material and well finished work. The picture gives a good idea. Fair size, lots of leather fibres. The leather is quite stiff.
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XX-DreamsToys Black Leather Flogger 18.5 inches

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