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Floggers are ideal if you're new to spanking and BDSM. Torment your partner in just the right way from seductive grazes to kinky lashes and experience a whole new world of pleasure with a flogger. They come in many styles and materials for a wide variety of sensual pleasure.


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BDSM flogger - Let the naughty play begin

Flogger: BDSM favourite

Whether you’re used to bondage play or not, you can gain plenty of pleasure from adding a BDSM flogger to your sex toy collection. If you don’t know what it is, we can tell you that it is a specific type of whip. It can be either broad or thin, depending on how many straps it has and how thick they are. A broader model is ideal for teasing and soft strokes along the body of your partner, while a thinner model is perfect for naughty spanking that can turn on you and your partner in completely new ways. 

What makes a BDSM flogger so arousing is that the receiver never knows what’s to come. If you want to elevate the element of surprise even more, you can combine the whip with a blindfold. In this way, your sight is taken away, which makes the rest of your senses stronger, and thereby the feel of the flogger for BDSM even more intense. The possibilities are endless, and it is only your imagination that sets the limits.

BDSM floggers for everyone

Many people can’t let go of the whip as soon as they have it in their hand. This is because it evokes a specific feeling of power, which can be incredibly arousing and sexy for the giver. In the same way, the feeling of losing control and power can be arousing for the receiver. There is something very stimulating about giving yourself over completely to another person and giving them control of your body and pleasure. As long as you agree on some clear rules and boundaries beforehand, you can go nuts with BDSM floggers and have a lot of fun with a partner. 

But why are we seduced by BDSM floggers? What is it that has us completely possessed? It can be difficult to answer, but we believe it has something to do with the element of the unknown and something a bit “dangerous”. It is the idea of what a BDSM flogger can do and the pleasure you can get that differs this sex toy from other types. The excitement and unexpected element that it represents is the reason it is a favourite among all types of people, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Give your sex life a little edge

If your sex life is at a bit of a stand still or you simply want to try out something new, fun and exciting sex toys are the way to go. They encourage you to be more playful during everyday life and can help you achieve a higher level of variation in your sex life. But there is of course a difference in what type of products we like and how we choose to use them during either masturbation, foreplay or intercourse. A BDSM flogger can be used for naughty spanking or teasing strokes across the intimate areas of you or your partner’s body. 

Let your partner feel the arousing pain from every spank that leaves red marks on the skin or use the BDSM flogger to live out your naughtiest fantasies - whether that includes kinky dominance play or role play. Bring out the BDSM flogger as soon as you are both comfortable and let it take your pleasure to new heights. So what are you waiting for? Browse through this page and find the perfect match for you, so you can get started with the sexy playtime. 


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