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Clean Stream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Attachment var 1


The Clean Stream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Attachment helps you to maintain a high level of hygiene before diving into anal play, where hygiene is very important for a good and pleasurable experience.

This Comfort Nozzle attachment ensures that there won't be any uncomfortable surprises during play.

The attachment can either be fastened to your shower hose or used with a Clean Stream Anal Cleaning Set (which is also available for purchase here in the shop), for deeper internal cleaning with the long, flexible shower head.

If you would like to use the attachment with your shower hose you need to be careful of how much water you rinse out of your bowel.

How to use the Clean Stream Silicone Comfort Nozzle: Attach the nozzle to your shower hose or douche, and control the temperature and direction you want the water in. We suggest body temperature water, or water no warmer than 40 degrees. Repeat the process until the water rinses out clean.

We recommend a water-based anal lubricant during cleaning, for a comfortable insertion of your Comfort Nozzle. 

The Clean Stream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Attachment can be rinsed in hot water after use. Do not leave it in hot water, simply dip and rinse.

BrandClean Stream
Product Weight (g)71
Full Length (in)10.63
Insertable Length (in)9.45
Diameter (in)0.67
Primary materialSilicone
Recommended LubeWater based
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Customer reviews (0)
Great product, best purchase
M - 6. nov. 2020
Really easy and quick to get clean. Really good quality. Best purchase I have made myself. It is very easy to use, but remember a little lube! I am really happy with the product.
Intimate cleaning could not be easier ...
N - 20. nov. 2017
For an inexperienced anal enjoyer, the size of the hose may seem a little intimidating, but some light preparation with a finger and a little good lube makes it easy to get the hose in—even for the inexperienced. The length means that it can potentially be inserted so far up for a deep cleanse that ensures ALL desires can be met without surprises appearing in the middle of the fun. The hose is firmly attached to it so that it is easy to insert, but at the same time flexible enough to avoid discomfort. However, the silicone seems a bit ‘cheap’, even though it is both smooth and thick. It just has a little chemical smell when you unpack it. I would like a few holes for the sides in the length of the hose (just in the first few cm), so you get the feeling that the intestine is ‘flushed’ a little more when inserted—but the product works great! If you use the shower hose, for God's sake be careful with water pressure, volume and temperature. And it is, of course, an advantage to have a toilet right next to the shower :-)
Pure arse
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Great to use and great that it's so land... Comfortable to stick up
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Long and comfortable
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Easy to use, it goes deep into the gut for a thorough cleanse. 100% recommend
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 12. jul. 2022
A little lubricant, a small lukewarm jet of water and it slid in easily. A little more water and half the length was inside. Nice and cosy. A little in and out, the jet aimed at the prostate gave a delightful sensation, but we also had to go further in. It quickly stopped, there was resistance, but with a little more water pressure, the hose was flushed clean until it was 25 cm in. After a few times in and out, it felt very clean. The shower cubicle floor was a bit grimy and that was also flushed clean. Finally, the bum hole got a good dollop of anal cream pressed inside. It was delicious.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Easy and comfortable
Anonymous - 1. aug. 2023
It's light and comfortable and easy to use. It is easy to clean.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Very comfortable and easy to use!
Anonymous - 1. mar. 2022
Flexible and soft, comfortable and easy to use. I like that it is long. Very good for preparing for anal sex
Machine translated from sinful.se
Clean Stream Silicone Comfort Nozzle
Anonymous - 2. oct. 2022
A very affordable little helper for a little fun. Goes a long way, and is soft and pretty. Fits directly on the shower hose.
Machine translated from sinful.se
Easy to assemble and use
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Semi-soft rubber that works well. Very satisfied
Machine translated from sinful.se

Clean Stream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Attachment

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