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njoy Pure Plug Large var 1

njoy Pure Plug Large

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Pure Plug Big is a steel plug specially designed for anal stimulation. This plug is ideal for the experienced user. It is easy to control, and its round handle makes it simple for both the user and partner to tilt the plug for massaging movements.

The Large Pure Plug can withstand both getting warmed up and cooled down and will last a long time at the required temperature. We suggest that you test the temperature on the inside of your forearm before you use the plug intimately.

The plug is hand made of medically approved stainless steel and it is packaged in a lined box. Look after your njoy steel product and you will have it your whole life.

Clean your Pure Plug with water and mild soap, and avoid abrasives as it will lose its shiny smooth surface.

Product Weight (g)328
Full Length (in)3.54
Insertable Length (in)2.76
Diameter (in)1.5
Width (in)1.5
Primary materialStainless Steel
Recommended LubeAll types
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Customer reviews (0)
Great toy, smaller than I thought.
HappyGuy - 19. feb. 2022
This toy took a lot of buying and we had a small windfall, so why not treat myself. It is exactly what you would expect from njoy, Classy, Sleek, Beautiful, opened with a smile and inserted with pleasure and a little lube. You will not need an excess of lube due to the material, it goes in rather too easily - slowly - but fairly easily, sat with it in, in comfort and then proceeded to sleep with it in. 12hrs wear time, slow extraction in the morning due to lube naturally drying out, felt AWESOME coming out, tight, big, nice stretch. I had difficulty buying due to price BUT I would say I wish I had bought the 2.0, I am not anally experienced but I have had a few toys and will be getting the bigger one when finances allow. Very happy with purchase.
Completely completed
Kurt M - 7. mar. 2014
The product is hot and BIG. In general, the whole series from NJOY is really sexy and complete, each with their completely unique shapes and the opportunity to get to the right places :-)
The perfect butt plug.
Serious Sam - 7. aug. 2019
1. Appearance and feeling: Even when I lifted the box, I felt a tingling sensation - this plug is HEAVY. The visual impression is like no other. This is not a toy, it's ... a tool? for enjoyment. High-gloss steel with an imaginative shape brings the desire to life. You can also use it in self-defence or possibly as a bottle opener. 2. Insertion: For the uninitiated, this is a slightly larger plug. I used Pjur Woman (any lubricant works well, thanks to the material - even baby oil in the shower) and inserted it in lying on my stomach. The steel means that the plug keeps the temperature for a long time - you might wish to heat it before insertion, it makes it easier. Suddenly it slides in and as it was sucked in. A warm feeling immediately spreads in the body. 3. On site: The plug is heavy and presses wonderfully when I lean forward. It feels like it's going out - exciting! - but thanks to the relatively narrow neck, it fits perfectly even during more vigorous activities. The narrow base fits nicely between the buttocks and allows me to walk around with the plug for several hours. Gardening becomes considerably more interesting. Later in the evening, we discover that the base/handle also allows the wife to perfectly massage my prostate. The orgasm comes as ordered. Afterwards, I cannot stand on my feet. 4. After use: Cleaning is simple - soap and water. The sleek design minimizes the risk of unwanted residue on the plug, thus encouraging spontaneous use without thought. I already long until next time ... 5. Summary: Expensive, heavy, luxurious. This is not a clumsy rubber stick but a serious tool for enjoyment. Nothing I have used before comes close. Now I'm curious about Pure 2.0.
Well-shaped toy with fantastic weight.
Simpa - 7. may. 2019
Have long looked at this plug and fantasized about how it would feel to be filled with such a heavy and well-shaped toy. Did it live up to my expectations? Far more than I could have imagined! It did not take many minutes after we had unpacked it from the box before it was curiously used on my partner. Three deep orgasms in a row says the most about this beautiful metal object :) Very comfortable to have inside for longer periods and the large base means that you do not have to worry about it disappearing somewhere. Definitely worth every penny.
Worth every penny ...
Pet - 3. sep. 2016
Since I started with plugs, I have wanted one from njoy because they are so nice and in metal. Metal toys simply feel more hygienic because they can be washed properly and after a while can not develop any unpleasant odour (I like to go plugged for a long time). I have another large metal plug but it has a round base and because it needs to be big enough to hold a large plug in place it rubs. This is definitely not the case with this one because the handle is elongated and at the same time large enough to hold the toy properly in place. I have been able to keep it inside for several hours, even falling asleep with it, without it rubbing. Perfect! It is lovely to bring in, has a nice weight and at least as nice to pull out again. Expensive Yes, it's impossible to get away from, but for my needs it's definitely worth it.
Amazing plug
Mazz - 31. dec. 2018
Wonderful product and easy to use. At first, it felt big. But then, I got used to it. It massages the prostate nicely, and for a moment you don’t notice that you have the plug there. You can keep the plug in place for several hours comfortably rubbing the spots. I recommend it to everyone, the weight is also ok. Suitable for men and women. I am considering buying new similar products.
Great plug made from high-quality stainless steel
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
The plug has a medium size and is comparatively heavy, but is easily held in place and does not fall out by itself. It is ideal for wearing all day long and remains noticeably but always comfortably in place. Thanks to the material, the flawless finish and the shiny, mirror-like polish, the plug can be inserted easily with just a drop of silicone lubricant. The plug can be easily washed off under warm water with a little soap. It is completely odourless, has no sharp edges and comes in an attractive box made of hard cardboard and velvet lining. The large Pure Plug is a great plug that comes highly recommended. The two smaller sizes of the plug are not recommended for anyone with at least rudimentary experience and quickly become too small.
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