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Penis Plug with Glans Ring var 1

Penis Plug with Glans Ring

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The Penis Plug with Glans Ring is a popular fetish and SM product.

To use the sperm stopper, place the ring around the glans and insert the small plug into the urethral opening. This creates a stopper for your penis, and you will not be able to ejaculate. The sensation is both titillating, painful and humiliating.

The ring is made of surgical stainless steel.

Sub BrandSteel
Product Weight (g)18
Full Length (in)1.65
Insertable Length (in)1.65
Diameter (in)1.1
Inner Diameter (in)0.31
Stretchable Inner DiameterNo
Primary materialStainless Steel
Recommended LubeAll types
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Customer reviews (0)
A good ring with a nice plug
The forest chef - 27. jun. 2021
The quality of the whole product is very good. But remember to buy the right size of ring. I had some problems with the insertion but after a while it went well, and we had a new and great experience.
Titus penis plug with gloss ring
O. A. B - 23. sep. 2015
Is obviously a great product, no sharp edges or too unpleasant angles, is easy to put in place, fits well, and easy to remove again, and you can also remove the plug to use it separately (note ... sits quite loose on the threads ...). Put the plug into the urethra, then pull the glitter ring over the head of the penis (suggest using water-based lubricant to get it in place). Once in place you will feel that it is much harder to orgasm, but once it comes it is much stronger than normal. I do not know exactly why, but it did not stop the sperm during ejaculation with me, as the description said it would, a little disappointed when that was what I wanted to try. If you want a hard orgasm, it is definitely something I would recommend, but if you are looking for a sperm stopper, I would suggest something that is thicker than 8 mm.
With the right technology and good lube.
Martin - 19. sep. 2020
This product is really nice to use. For the first time, I got the whole thing in. Recommended.
Didn't quite match the description
Make - 28. jan. 2018
Needless to say, I am a little disappointed with this product. Using it is cumbersome because the plug is connected directly to the surrounding ring, and only the angle between them can be adjusted. So it was difficult to insert the plug comfortably. Plus, the plug was tricky to keep in place on its own. At least when I used it myself, the product didn’t stop the semen from getting out, but everything came out as normal. The material of the product is quite functional, but the impractical structure is a disadvantage. A product would have more kinky points if it just worked as described and was easier to use.
"thought it was big", but it fit
Anonymous - 1. jun. 2022
I've wondered about that ring because it can't come down over the outside. But it was definitely a hit for me and it was used extensively. REMEMBER lubricant! and good with that, because such a hole is not designed for stuffing things into them! But a really nice experience using the product.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Ollon ring
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
For me, it was not possible to get the ring over the glans, neither slack nor hard, should have been bigger, especially considering that the rod has to go into the urethra as well.
Machine translated from sinful.se
Newfound world of sensual experiences
Anonymous - 4. jan. 2023
This was certainly an interesting evening. After acquiring this device, I have to say that it has humbled me to the concept of penetration. My wife and I (10 years together) have never done anything like this before. We felt that glow, that extra zing. As the French would have put it, je ne sais quoi. Had become a permanent casualty of the passage of time. Being the centred one versus the penetrating one. Has given me a newfound understanding of nuanced new emotions. Elements of humiliation, horror, desire. There is no doubt that it has spiced up an otherwise too comfortable existence. Just as the penis plug with an ollon ring has opened up my urethra, it has also opened up my mind to a whole new world of sensual experiences. 9/10 The ring was a little too small. Also hurts like hell to pee after.
Machine translated from sinful.se

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