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Sex & Mischief Paddle with Studs var 1

Sex & Mischief Paddle with Studs

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The Sex & Mischief Paddle With Studs is the perfect tool to use if it's your first time or you prefer softer slaps.

This black paddle has two different sides, providing two options on the sensations you wish to give. One side is smooth and produces a really loud smack when it hits the skin.

The other side is decorated with beautiful but small studs and creates an entirely different effect. Even though the studs are only 2 mm high and their tips are rounded, they do the job if your partner deserves a harder and more titillating spanking. The side with the studs gives a quieter smack, compared to the smooth side.

We recommend that you agree on a stop word before beginning so that you can stop while play is still fun.

BrandSex & Mischief
Product Weight (g)89
Full Length (in)16.93
Width (in)2.56
Primary materialVinyl
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Customer reviews (0)
a good pain
Lena - 23. aug. 2020
In my experience, unlike some other whips / paddles etc., you can deliver (or receive) both hard and many blows without the pleasant pain turning into discomfort. Perfect for longer sessions. There will be some bruises, but none that are too deep or take too long to heal. The paddle sits very well in my hand, but my guy who has bigger and stronger hands felt like it wanted to twist when he dealt blows. I feel no major difference between the two sides though, so the rivets seem to be mainly decorative (which they very much are)
A&A - 24. apr. 2021
My boyfriend and I had been looking for something that could give a better kick than a belt and possibly a whip, and we made the perfect purchase. This paddle is sexy, fits well in the hand and it is quite naughty that you can feel it the next day too;) You should not be delicate though and it is probably not for beginners, but we are super happy with it :)
A pretty good buy!
F and C. - 9. oct. 2014
Has given us an (extra) optimal titillating and good experience, which is sometimes kinky to bring into the sex play. Definitely worth all the money! Highly recommended for other couples :)
suitable for a beginner
leather monster - 12. feb. 2017
As the product description states, it is suitable for novice whip enthusiasts. Yet, I expected the rivets to be sharper. The material is durable and feels good against both, the hand and the exposed skin. It leaves no scratches nor bruises.
Paddle with rivets
Anonymous - 11. jun. 2021
Very good quality, gives a wide soft slap, highly recommended
Machine translated from sinful.dk
New favourite
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I surprised my husband with this, tried it the same day we got it. It felt good and the nails made marks. I recommend this if you love pain, you can also spank a little milder for the tingling if you don't want marks :P
Machine translated from sinful.no
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Nice to use, the quality is in the middle of 3. But definitely gives the desired effect :)
Machine translated from sinful.no
Anonymous - 11. jul. 2023
Very good. Just lies in the hand we use it on both so we have some ground on the buttocks
Machine translated from sinful.se

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