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A paddle is perfect when you want to add strength to your affectionate strokes. Paddles have a flat and relatively large surface, making them ideal for hard strokes. They also make a loud noise when they hit the skin, which adds an extra thrilling dimension to your play.

Paddle: BDSM play for anyone

Many stimulating effects

If you want to spice up your sex life, a BDSM paddle is a great place to start. It provides you with a range of arousing opportunities, and many find the pain from the spanking incredibly stimulating and enjoyable.

With its smooth and flat design, it creates a very clear and particular sound when hitting the skin, which adds a lot of stimulation to the experience. It is not only the sense of feeling that can increase the pleasure of sex - it is just as important to incorporate sight, smells and sounds to create a complete and satisfying experience. 

The good thing about a paddle for BDSM is that you can easily adjust the level of the spanking to your preference. Whether you like it hard or soft is up to you and a potential partner. Some like it a bit more rough, even leaving marks on the skin afterwards, while others prefer a more subtle and soft version that merely teases the senses.

If you are unsure of which camp you belong to, it’s a good idea to start out slow and test it out before moving to more extreme play.

BDSM paddle for spanking

You can of course use BDSM paddles for hardcore spanking and role play, where one person takes the role as the submissive and the other be the dominant.

When engaging in BDSM, it is important that you discuss it with your partner beforehand. You need to make sure you’re on the same page and come up with a safety word in case one person wants to stop or feels uncomfortable. The safeword should be unrelated to the sexual activity or anything that could come up as a natural part of the role play.

When you’ve made the rules clear, you can enjoy the experience to the fullest without any interruptions along the way. It also makes all participants feel more safe and explorative, knowing that there are clear guidelines and no boundaries will be broken. 

Browse through this page and find your new BDSM paddle, so you can start exploring your fantasies and experience sex in a completely new way.

Paddle for BDSM playtime with your partner

This may sound obvious, but it can of course be a bit difficult to use paddles for BDSM on your own. It is possible to spank yourself on different parts of the body where you can reach, but it is difficult to get the same effect out of it.

This is why a BDSM paddle is a sex toy mostly used in relation to sexual experiences between two or more people. It gives you the perfect opportunity to explore sexual fantasies, where one part can take the dominant role while the other is being submissive. These roles can of course be switched up depending on preferences. 

If the BDSM paddle isn’t enough, you can also have a look at our other BDSM products and find a bunch of fun and interesting things to add to the bedroom escapades. We have a large selection of products, making it easy for anyone to find something fit for their taste.

Whether you’re looking for sexy costumes, electro sex toys, handcuffs, lube or anything else, we’ve got it! Have a look and add some new favourites to your collection at home.

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