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Sex & Mischief Steele Balls var 1

Sex & Mischief Steele Balls

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Steele Balls from Sex & Mischief is a set of stainless steel balls, which can both be used for kinky play and for pelvic floor training. The balls have a smooth surface that feels even better when used with water-based lubricant.

Steele Balls are relatively heavy for their size because they are made from stainless steel.  This makes them very arousing to use and you can feel the balls moving around as you move. If you would like an even greater experience with your steel balls then you can warm them up or cool them down in a water bath 10 minutes before use. NOTE! We recommend that you always check the temperature of the balls on the inner side of your forearm before inserting them intimately. 

For pelvic floor training, Steel Balls are recommended for women who already have experience with Kegel balls. The combination of Steele Balls' small diameter (1 inch) and heaviness requires really strong pelvic muscles to hold them up. We suggest you start with contracting muscles around the balls while laying down. Then you can eventually train yourself up to being able to walk around with them.

Sex & Mischief Steele Balls are easily removable when you are done with them. Their weight means they can work their own way down, but you can also press your pelvic muscles down to remove them.

BrandSex & Mischief
Full Length (in)0.79
Insertable Length (in)0.79
Diameter (in)0.79
Recommended LubeWater based
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Mia - 23. oct. 2019
These balls do what they are supposed to and they are easy to handle, carry and appreciate. However, I don’t know if I think they actually are suitable for people who are experienced as advertised. If you have well-trained muscles, tried it before and want a challenge, I would recommend the heavier model instead. However, if you are happy with something that enhances the experience, they work well and really deliver. If you want to be able to walk with them for longer periods of time, then they might also be more suitable than the slightly heavier ones. A great purchase, worth the price I think.
Renewed sex life
Johnny Easy - 29. dec. 2018
Just the thought of our first sex toy raised our expectations. Once we tested it, it far exceeded our fantasies. It’s wild how much a toy can do to increase the enjoyment for both parties.
Really really smooth
18T - 19. jul. 2019
Beautiful balls that can definitely give you challenges. They have a good weight and are easy to use. But you have to tighten up enough to be able to keep them inside! They slip out easily. - But then you just have to practice ;-)
Aq - 24. mar. 2020
Not necessarily for the more experienced. I was myself one of those with some places that were too tight for the balls to move by their weight. Removal was also challenging. I would move the balls from the category ‘experienced’ to the category ‘beginners’. Otherwise, the balls feel good, and the included storage bag is nice. It didn't work for me.
Pleasure for both
JJ - 5. jan. 2018
I bought balls following a guy’s recommendation, but after training with these, I noticed that my husband and I enjoyed sex more! At first, I wondered how to get the bullets off, but it was reasonably easy. Removing the balls became easier with use.
SO delicious :-)
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
My inspiration for buying the balls came from the Fifty Shades book and they fully live up to my expectations and imagination. They are small, heavy and smooth, so for a trained pelvic floor they are great. Also good price and fast delivery.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Naughty balls!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
First and foremost! These balls are really naughty if you are going out the door and you walk around with them and squeeze them, - it moisturises the abdomen well and thoroughly and really trains you to squeeze together, as they are much heavier than you think when you see them... They can be difficult to get out if they are far in, but it is quickly remedied if you just squat down and squeeze a little, and possibly help with a finger or two. But all in all, I'm pretty happy with the product, it lived up to expectations - they are able to provide both exercise and stimulation! :-)
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Both tantalising and great for training
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I was a bit unsure from the description whether I was trained enough for them, but it wasn't a problem. I haven't really trained my pelvic floor before, but I'm 28 and have no children. I'd bought them for exercise and not to be aroused, so was a bit surprised that they actually had that effect as well. I don't think they can give me an orgasm, but they can definitely turn me on. I put them in when I take a shower, and then I dance around in the shower and exercise my pelvic floor while I'm doing it. Then I remember to use them. The quality is top notch and the material makes them easy to keep clean. I'd guess they'll last a lifetime.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Not as expected
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I guess they do work to strengthen the pelvic floor, but I don't find them very intuitive to use. You can't feel them in there at all (not even that they're moving around), so you have to remember to squeeze all the time or they'll fall out. The problem I think is that once you can feel them when they start to sink in, it's too late to squeeze them together, as you'll just squeeze them out. So that's why they're not very intuitive. But if you're squeezing all the time, they certainly work to train the pelvic floor, I just wish you could get some feedback on the training. These are my first pelvic floor balls, but I'm in my twenties and haven't given birth, so they're not too advanced to use. I should have just had some that you could feel, I think. I don't find them arousing at all, so you can use them even when your husband isn't home and focus on training - and then maybe have some other arousing ones for play. The material is good quality and easy to clean, and I think they will last a lifetime.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Pretty good
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
My first geisha balls. Actually, I would have liked a bit more of a challenge, although small and heavy balls should be the most challenging. But clearly well made and easy to use/wash.
Machine translated from sinful.fi

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