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Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis Sleeve
Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis Sleeve
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Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis Sleeve

4.0 (5)
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Product Description

The Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis Sleeve is the perfect sex toy for men who would like to experience a different sensation during sex and masturbation, as well as men who want to increase their girth.

Internally the sleeve has an incredibly arousing structure that stimulates the penis when you move. The soft material will give your partner a velvety feeling during sex, and you will also get approx. 2 inches extra in circumference to feel bigger for your partner.

How to use the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis Sleeve:
The sleeve is placed over the penis and around the scrotum, and it can be used both during sex and masturbation. For easier application we recommend applying lubricant to your penis before putting the sleeve on. After use we suggest you clean the sleeve with warm water and sex toy cleaner.

In total the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis Sleeve is approx. 6.5 inches long internally, but because the sleeve is made from an ultra flexible material it can stretch to fit bigger sizes.

NOTE! The Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis Sleeve cannot be used as an alternative to condoms.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: TPR and silicone.
FEELING: Soft and titillating
LENGTH, INTERNALLY: Approx. 6.5 inches (can stretch to fit bigger sizes).
INTERNAL DIAMETER: 1 inch (can stretch to approx. 2 inches).
USE FOR: Sex and masturbation.
CIRCUMFERENCE: Gives approx. 2 inches extra in circumference.
NOTE! Not suitable as a substitute for condoms.

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Customer Reviews (5)

I never really thought that this one would be used for anything other than showing it and getting a good laugh over how absurdly large the penis gets with this one on, but now we have had this one for over a month and the wife asks for it every time we have sex. So not for those who may be insecure about their own adequacy. This definitely placesdemands on both the woman and the man. He should be at least 18 cm long and already quite thick (12 cm + in circumference?) for this to fit, and she should be able to handle avery large penis. My circumference went up by 7 cm with this on, and then it is so spacious that I use it without lubricant inside to get a better grip and a little lessstimuli for myself. It’s durable, easy to wash (although not completely easy to get dry inside), odorless and comfortable to wear. She likes that it is quite soft, it makesit easier to handle that it is very thick. I thought it was great to have both hands free and not have to wear a harnesses or the like. If you both want to try something newand big, I highly recommend it! Learn more

5 5 1

Ordered this for a little for fun, but, oh my, what a product. The girlfriend loved the circumference of 18cm and can’t get enough. This one fits very well on mine, which is 19 long and 14 thick. Not only is it heavenly for her, but with this on, the orgasm is never far away. Both when used for sex and masturbation. Buy immediately, do nothesitate a second !! Learn more

5 5 1
Great alternative

Super nice product that creates variety for her and him.

5 4 1
It is large and thick

Surprised the wife the other day with this one. We put in a lot of effort and she was simply too tight that evening ... We have to try again or buy a slightly smaller one ..... Learn more

5 4 1
Disappointing and annoying experience

Super cool material - that's it In general, the experience is more comical than exciting. The wife feels it as a completely unnatural sensation. You spend too much time figuring out how to get the sleeve on and around the scrotum than using it. All in all, not such a good experience with the product Learn more

5 2 1

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