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Different sexy costumesDifferent sexy costumes

Sexy Costumes - The Ultimate Guide

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Naughty costumes - maybe one of the most common representations of sexual playfulness. Whether you slipped into one to make Halloween a little more interesting or if it’s your regular bedroom attire, it’s loads of fun.

Sexy costumes for women and men allow us to try new things - either with a partner or to live out our own solo fantasies. You can immerse yourself in seductive roleplay for as long as you want, or you can simply use the costume to get your partner’s attention on a regular Tuesday evening.

In this blog post, we’re going to offer you some tips for how to surprise your partner with naughty costumes and how best to get started using them. And of course we’ll guide you through how to bring sexy roleplay into your repertoire.

Different costumes hanging from coat hanger

Naughty Costumes - Surprise Your Partner

Most people enjoy a sexy surprise and your partner is no exception. But how do you get started?

We’ve found 3 easy ways to get started with naughty costumes for adults:

Ask questions

Find out what your partner is turned on by.

Are they partial to lace or mesh? Are there certain colours they gravitate towards? Are they expecting an entirely different setting and props, or is a costume plenty to get their imagination going?

You know your partner better than us, of course - maybe there are other questions that come to mind?

You may already know exactly which outfit pushes all the right buttons. This can be your starting point to exploring what exactly it is about the outfit (and you in it!) that turns up the heat.

Notice the signs

Keep an eye out for when your partner is giving you that searing look of longing.

Is it the beautifully executed make-up you're wearing? Or the combination of sweatpants and bed hair that leads to a lusty squeeze? Is it those white panties that are irresistable?

It could also be certain celebrities, movies or TV series that make your partner lean in to you seeking an intimate moment.

Whatever the signs are, make a note of them and consider which elements you can bring into a costume. This is the foundation of your costume hunt.

Take your partner shopping

Ask them to point out the pretty things.

Invite them to go shopping and have them find all the things they are drawn to. Things that make them a little weak in the knees or that spark some frisky thoughts and a certain glint in their eyes.

It doesn’t have to take all day. Buy them a cup of coffee and browse as you drink it. It’s just about getting an idea of what interests them so you can incorporate that into your search for the perfect sexy costume.

Hopefully you both have some laughs, interesting new conversations and some fresh air. Not least, you’ll have a better idea of what could be the perfect sexy costume to help you explore more together.

Sexy Costumes for Women

What better place to start than with the classics? They are easy to wear and simple in their look, which is probably also why they are so popular.

This also makes them great to store in the delicate’s drawer until the right naughty mood arises. Within 5 minutes, you’ll be dressed up and ready to go!


Your partner has been naughty and has broken the rules of private (bedroom) decency. What do you do? You step in, ready to enforce the law of the land - or sheets, as it may be.

Maybe you’ve found a pair of cuffs and have a police baton tucked into your belt - either way, you’re the one in charge of making a sizzling arrest.

Try our most popular police costume, Cottelli Police Jumpsuit Costume.

Woman in police costume with cuffs in hand

Plaid costumes

You can both be the naughty student who needs to be taught a lesson, or the star pupil who deserves to be lavished with praise and pampering.

Maybe you’re both; the diligent student in French but curiously absent from Biology. That kind of behaviour only leads to a lesson in discipline. 

Slip into the Baci Plaid Costume and get ready for an experience as good as one of our customers had:

Sofie, 5 November 2020 - I can say nothing more than: wow. I’ve never tried any role-playing games, let alone costumes with my husband. But this managed to provoke even a hesitating man. There was no need for magic words, as it put both of us in the mood. Good material, and good in the skirt, since it’s possible to adjust the size.

Woman wearing a plaid costume


Everyone is in safe hands with a nurse present. What better reason to slip this into your wardrobe?

You can check the temperature on your partner - we mean, patient. Or let them join the fun as a doctor to help supervise the healing process.

With Baci Nurse Uniform, you’re ready for whatever comes through the (bedroom) doors.

Woman wearing a nurse costume


Your partner is awfully dirty and needs a good cleaning up and the maid is here to help. Need to polish off any dusty fantasies? Serve up a sultry smile? It may not be the cleanest affair, but where’s the fun in that?

In a Cottelli Sexy Maid Costume, your partner will fall at your feet, eager to join the cleaning party.

Sigrid, 15. marts 2021 - This is the first costume I have bought and it is absolutely perfect. It fits really well on the body, and is really comfortable. It's super kinky, and my boyfriend has a hard time keeping his fingers to himself ;)

Woman wearing a maid’s costume and holding feather tickler

Sexy Plus Size Costumes

The naughty costumes also come in plus size, so you’re sure to find the right fit.

If your partner has casually hinted at a desire to see you dressed up in one of the popular sexy costumes we’ve already mentioned, you can find them in plus size.

Top 3 most popular plus size costumes are:

Sexy Costumes for Men

We wish we could push the button and let it rain links to naughty costumes for men, but unfortunately the selection is limited. 

However, we do have quite a few sexy underwear for men for you to explore. Here you’ll find boxer shorts and strings in both mesh, lacquer or with unique details.

That rounds off the most popular naughty costumes for adults and takes us to the final part of the blog post.

Black lacquer underwear

Get Started with Sexy Roleplay

Chances are you’ve been thinking of wanting to try something new in the bedroom, but you may not be entirely sure what it should be.

It shouldn’t be complicated and you’re looking for something fun and easy to prepare. Might we suggest roleplay? 

The only real requirements are that you and your lucky partner decide which of the sexy costumes you want to try out.

For sexy roleplay, it’s all about keeping it playful - treat it like a fun game. If you know and trust each other, it’s completely fine if one of you needs to stop the roleplay if it becomes too intense. 

The first few times you try it, you may find yourselves laughing, flirting and finding your way into these new roles.

The point of the fun is to give in to each other in an entirely new way. It’s perfectly normal if this takes more than a few tries.

Woman zipping up a latex vest

10 Sexy Ways You Can Roleplay at Home

Which roleplay are you going to start off with? We’ve gathered a list of 10 different ideas - some including costumes - to get you started. 

The maid

It’s a classic, but it still works. One of you can be the maid who cleans weekly, or maybe you’re part of the full-time staff that polishes the palace. Either way, you and your employer are too busy looking after each other over the dusty bookcase or as you collect the cup from his desk.

You bring out your feather tickler and start the seduction by running it over different parts of your partner’s body - slowly, quickly, you decide. Leave the dusting for next week. There will be plenty to clean up when the two of you are done anyway.

Want to be a naughty maid?

Dom and slave

If it’s mostly light inspiration from the BDSM world you’re looking for, we have loads of PVC clothing perfect for getting started. You might try a pair of long gloves as part of your own sexy costume.

Long black lacquer gloves

Meet a “stranger”

You don’t always need naughty costumes for roleplay - you can easily make do with some sexy underwear and lingerie.

This is especially true for when you meet an alluring stranger at the bar of your kitchen island.

Secretary and boss

If you play the role of the boss, you set the agenda. This means you also get to dictate orders for tasks that the secretary must do - even ones that aren’t normally within their duties.

If you’d rather play the secretary, be sure to be extra thorough when completing the tasks your boss assigns you.

Phone sex-seller and client

Sometimes it’s easier to open up and share your personal fantasies and desires with each other when you can’t see your partner. Playing a phone sex-seller and client is a great way of combining roleplay and opening up to each other. Go into separate rooms and ask your partner to call you up. Greet your client huskily and ask what kinds of desires they have in mind. From there you can invent any kind of scenario that gets your client going. You may get so caught up in it that you switch roles afterwards.

Police and criminal

You’re the police and it’s your job to make sure all rules are being followed. Any criminal who breaks them must be punished.

How you want to deal out punishment is entirely up to you - whoever wears the naughty costume decides.

A sure-fire way is to bring a pair of handcuffs into the fun, so you can restrain the criminal whenever and wherever. The duration of the delicious punishment is up to you.

Lacquer glove and a pair of handcuffs

Handyman/-woman and client

Is your home in a bit of a disrepair and in need of a helping hand? Call a handyman/-woman! Invite the much needed fix help inside and show them where the problem lies. Tell them what needs fixing and how you’d like it done so you’re sure it’s just how you want it.

Massage therapist and client

You deserve a pampering and relaxation - who better to help you than your partner? Let them dim the lights, set up some massage oils and candles and let them know where you need their utmost attention during the massage. Most importantly, give in to their touch and caress as they take care of you.

Fictional character and fan

Is there a certain character from a series or movie that heightens the mood for your partner? Explore it further! Find out if your partner enjoys the character’s sexy costume, personality, both or something else entirely. Get to planning based on the information you’ve collected, and invite your partner to join you in the universe.

Nurse and patient

You gently adjust the pillows behind the patient’s head and lean over to feel their forehead for a fever. It becomes clear your partner is engaged in the sexy roleplay and you now have a choice.

Do you continue as a nurse and inspect the patient closely with your instruments, or are you more interested in getting a physical exam from the chief doctor yourself?

Nurse’s hat

You’ve now been through the entire guide for naughty costumes and how to get started with role play.

We hope you’ve collected some inspiration for sexy costumes that can be put to use for yourself and a lucky partner. Happy roleplaying!

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