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Feathers & Ticklers

Affectionate and relaxing titillation with feathers and ticklers is for many the perfect start to a sexy and intense experience. Do you agree? Check out our selection of seductive feather ticklers and sensual, feather-tipped crops in different shapes and sizes.

Feathers and ticklers for seductive and sensory foreplay

Great selection of feather tickler

This small, amazing piece of sex toy has many names and comes in slightly different versions, but the purpose is the same regardless of what we call the product. With this very simple piece of sex toy, you can experiment with naughty foreplay, where sensual and intimate play is part of the pleasure.

A feather tickler typically has very soft feathers that feel wonderful when led with a gentle hand over the entire naked body. The soft feathers are particularly ideal for finding new and seductive pleasure points in your partner, who can lie naked and receptive in bed. If you’ve warmed up to the idea of a feather tickler, you can choose between many different types. For example, you can get a variant where the soft strokes are replaced with small metal chains that feel extremely exciting when used during a seductive and naughty foreplay.

With this type of tickler, you can also add an extra sensual element to your sensual sex play. You can, for example, heat the small metal chains or cool them down in a water bath before the game - it will make the whole experience even more exciting.

Combine with other sex toys

Tickle feathers are a very simple sex toy, but if you use them in the right way, they can ignite a fantastic glow in the bedroom that neither of you expected. The sex toy can be enjoyed alone, where one person, for example, lies on the bed while the other stands next to it and teases all the naughty pleasure points on their partner's body. It's a good way to get to know all the sensitive and tingling spots on each other's bodies even better.

You can also take the sensual couple's play and make it a little naughtier by combining some different sex toys. Try, for example, to take a feather and then cover your partner’s eyes with a blindfold. Not being able to see anything sharpens the other senses and you will experience that the receiving party quickly will become aroused by the tingling movements when using the tickle feather. The feeling of not knowing what's going on can be amazing.

If you want it to be a little wilder, you can, in addition to a set of blindfolds, also involve handcuffs, bondage rope and tape, or maybe even a bondage set. There are therefore plenty of opportunities to sharpen the senses even further when you tease each other's naked bodies with the small tickle feathers.

Ideal for erotic teasing and massage

The gentle strokes help stimulate the need for touch for many couples who want to tease each other with small and sensitive movements in an erotic teasing session. The ticklish movements may sound like something that only appeals to women, but actually we find that many men also enjoy the small sensual touches that you get through using this sex toy.

Of course, the many ticklers can be used as part of an erotic teasing for a hot night in bed. But they can actually also be used in contexts where the intention isn’t necessarily that it ends with sexual intercourse. Try, for example, to use a small tickler as part of a cozy massage where you have smeared your partner in a nice, organic massage oil. Your partner is likely to appreciate being pampered, cuddled and massaged without it having to lead to something sexual.

If you don't have any sex toys yet, ticklers are a good place to start. Together with blindfolds, this is a very innocent piece of toy that most people enjoy. When you've gone through the whole selection here on the site, you're welcome to take a closer look at the rest of our large selection of sex toys for couples.

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
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