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Sexy Costumes

Feel frisky as a French maid, dress up as sexy secretary or as a naughty nurse. In our great selection of outfits, you can find a sexy costume to suit every role play fantasy. Spice up your fancy dress outfit with a pair of high heels and extra long eyelashes.


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Sexy costume - Spice up your sex life

Women’s sexy costumes and uniforms

Try on women’s sexy costumes or a naughty uniform and feel good and confident in your body - whether you want to seduce yourself, a partner or impress everyone at a theme party. No matter if you’re into role play or want to go all-in at the next big theme party, we have something for you. 

Taste varies when it comes to women’s sexy costumes, but common to all models is that they rarely cover the whole body. It is not often you find one that doesn’t at the very least show off some skin. And that with good reason. Because the point of these outfits are to make you feel sexy, and maybe even appeal to a partner’s naughty fantasies so you can take your sex life to new levels. Introducing sexy costumes to the bedroom can be the perfect way to get into some roleplay. Whether you want to visit as a nurse, French maid or a third option. We guarantee that it can spice up the action in the bedroom - and who doesn’t want that? 

Seduce your partner

We offer sexy costumes and uniforms with piquant details and incredible materials. Have you ever dreamed of fulfilling frisky fantasies and seducing your partner as a naughty nurse or even a dominating police officer? Sexy costumes never get boring, simply because the fantasies don’t. Our assortment is very big, making it possible for anyone to find something for their taste. Choose between police uniforms, tartan uniforms, French maid outfits and much, much more. Whether you choose to use it in the bedroom, to a theme party or as a sexy Valentine's treat, you can be sure to find something you like right here at Sinful

It can be difficult to choose between the many seductive and sexy costumes we have in store for you. You can either consider some of your own fantasies, or maybe even ask your partner if they have any particular needs. And if it is completely impossible to choose only one, you can always buy more. There is no limit, so go nuts and find yourself the perfect solution for you and a potential partner. 

Why get a sexy costume for women?

There can be many reasons to try out a sexy costume for women. Way back in the day, the idea behind it began as a part of the masquerades in Southern Europe, where adults would dress up in masks and portray a different identity. With this new identity, people started developing affairs and secret flirts with many different people across different social classes. With time, the importance of the masks has become less crucial, while the actual sexy costume for women has become more dominant. 

It can be difficult to explain why this development occurred, but one explanation is that people generally became more sexually liberated. Women used to be expected to cover up completely, but during the 70s this started to change. Women like Marilyn Monroe appeared as one of the biggest icons and symbols for female sexual liberation. And ever since it has only become more freed and open in society. Very few, in the Western world at least, will bat an eye if someone is showing some skin, which has been part of giving sexy costumes a breakthrough. The market has exploded, giving you the options to try out anything you want and live out your fantasies. 


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