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Anal Lubes

Anal lube is an essential part of any type of anal stimulation, as it makes the experience safer and more pleasurable. Generally, anal lubes are thicker in consistency than other lubricant types. The rule of thumb is, if you think you used too much, use a little more.

Anal lube gives you the best experience

Anal sex requires anal lube

The purpose of anal lube is to decrease friction and increase pleasure during anal sex and play. By reducing friction between the skin and an anal sex toy or a partner's penis, penetration will feel more comfortable and satisfying. This applies to both those with experience in anal stimulation and those with less or no experience. So there is no reason not to lubricate yourself before you engage in anal stimulation.

So what's the difference between anal lube and regular lube? The biggest difference is the consistency. The latter is more fluid because it is designed for vaginal sex and therefore used as a supplement to the vagina's own lubricant. Anal lube, on the other hand, is more viscous because the anus does not produce its own lubricant and therefore needs more lasting moisture to maintain a good glide.

Anal lube can be applied to the anus directly or to a sex toy or condom that is being used for anal sex. It is important to make sure that the anal lube is fully absorbed before starting anal sex, as this will help to reduce friction.

Which lube for anal should I choose?

There are many different types of lube for anal sex and play, which is why it is important that you have an understanding of what distinguishes the various products from each other. Anal lube can be divided into two main categories: water-based lubricant and silicone-based lubricant. Water-based types are thinner in consistency and do not feel sticky or greasy but can dry up more quickly. Silicone-based products are, on the other hand, thicker in consistency and have a more long-lasting glide. Both can therefore be used as lube for anal sex and play, but depending on the effect you want one or the other will be more suitable.

If you do not have experience with anal stimuli from before, we recommend that you choose a silicone-based lube for anal. This will give you maximum glide, so that you avoid friction during penetration and thereby ensure a more comfortable experience. If you are more experienced in this kind of sexual play, a water-based anal lube is perhaps more preferable. Be aware, however, that it has a shorter duration than a silicone-based product, so if that is what you are used to, make sure to lubricate yourself well and with more frequent intervals.

Another advantage of water-based lubes is that they can be used together with sex toys made of silicone, as they do not react chemically with silicone and thus preserve the material's structure.

Last but not least, you can also find organic lubes for anal sex in our selection, which are especially suitable for people with sensitive skin. The natural ingredients are gentle on the skin and do not contain any harmful substances, so you can safely lubricate yourself without having to worry about any negative effects it might have on your body.

Before you place a product in your shopping cart it is wise to consider which type of lube for anal sex and play is most suitable to you and your needs, in order to ensure a pleasurable experience.

Anal sex lube is not the only important factor

Whether it is anal play or full-on anal sex you are dreaming of, it is incredibly important that you and your partner have talked about it thoroughly in advance. Even a small attempt can go terribly wrong if you're not in agreement about the terms. Is this something you both want or is it really only one person's fantasy? And have you set aside enough time for preparation and warming up, so you can give your back door a good clean with an anal douche and lube up well with anal sex lube before you get started? Anal stimulation can be incredibly pleasurable for both parties, but it requires that you take it slowly in the beginning and use plenty of anal sex lube.

It can also be a good idea to start with something smaller than a penis, such as an anal plug or anal beads. This way you can test if anal penetration is something for you, and if you're physically and mentally ready to try out anal stimulation. Another possibility is to buy an anal sex toys set that contains toys in different sizes, so you can start with the smaller products and then move on to the bigger and more demanding ones when you're ready for a new challenge. With open communication, a good amount of anal sex lube and enough patience, it can be a pleasurable experience that leaves you wanting more. And when you're ready to take your anal play to the next level, you could try a tantalising anal vibrator or kinky anal dildo for a more filling and intense stimulation.

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