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Intimate Shaving

Below you will find an extensive selection of shaving foams and creams that are especially designed for intimate shaving for women. Our shaving foams leave you with a smooth result and help you avoid skin irritation and shaving bumps when shaving intimate areas.

Effective but gentle products for intimate shaving for women

To intimately shave or not?

There are so many styles to choose from ‘down under’. Some women prefer to take it all off, while others only choose to take some of the hair off or leave it all to grow naturally. Regardless of which hairstyle you choose, intimate shaving is a matter of taste and personal preference.

Have you ever tried to search for the ‘intimate shaving women’? It is undeniably fashionable to have an attitude towards 'the lower curls'. Just ask celebrities like Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lopez, who have often said in interviews that they prefer being completely smooth ‘down below’. Perhaps the crop of hair (or lack thereof) between the legs is widely portrayed in international magazines, but if you thought intimate shaving was a modern trend, think again.

It was not uncommon for women 200 years ago to remove both facial and vaginal hair. In ancient Greece it was considered both ugly and unhygienic not to trim or shave yourself. Practically it is more appealing when wearing swimwear, to at least remove the hair exposed. Sexually, intimate shaving makes it more appealing, especially during oral sex, not to get hair in your mouth. It is also easier to clean and keep your genitals clean when you are shaved or trimmed.

Popular intimate cuts and styles

A full Brazilian involves a complete intimate shave of all the hair from the front to the back. This requires frequent maintenance, so the best way to stay completely smooth is to use a hair removal cream, specially suitable for the body’s intimate areas. Another much loved style is the ‘landing strip’, when you keep a small, long strip of hair. Here you can use a good quality razor with a comfortable head and ergonomic handle.

Many women (and men) are fans of the classic triangle, which is basically the same as the trimmed dusk. Here you simply keep your bikini line free of hair, removing as much hair as you want and trimming the length of your hair, until the desired results are achieved. The ideal equipment for this look would be a trimmer or lady intimate shaver.

If you are the creative type you could create an arrow, a lightning shape or even a letter - like the first letter of your boyfriends name? You can get help from a Bikini Shaping Tool, which is a practical template you can easily and effectively use for intimate shaving.

Intimate shaving products from Sinful

At Sinful you can find everything you need to get the most effective, long-lasting, and comfortable intimate shave. You will find, for example, a wide range of popular and award-winning products to suit all your needs, such as perfume-free shaving cream that counteracts red bumps and ingrown hair, and which is specially designed to handle sensitive and irritated skin.

You can also post-treat your hair-free areas with a protective and softening silicone lubricant, or bring your skin back to life with an anti-inflammatory and soothing after-shave spray.

If you are in doubt about which products you should select, you can always contact our sweet and competent customer service, ready to answer your questions via email or telephone. All of our customer service staff can guide you on all your purchases, over and above intimate shaving. We take pride in guiding you through your purchasing process, for a quick, easy, and convenient experience.

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