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Get A Good Start to Anal Sex

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Anal sex is very popular and it is something we often get asked questions about. Anal sex can be a stimulating, pleasurable and intense experience for people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations.

For people with vaginas, anal penetration stimulates the many sensitive nerve endings in the anus and the G-spot. And if you have a penis, it stimulates the anus and the prostate (also known as the P-spot).

Both G-spot and prostate stimulation can provoke exceptional and very deep orgasms and if you are lucky enough, you may even experience several in a row.

In other words, anal sex can be a fantastic experience and a way to both add a new dimension to your sex life and to help strengthen that bond of intimacy between you and your partner.

Butt plugs and other anal sex toys

Six tips for amazing anal sex

Below we have put together our six top tips for getting a good start with anal sex.

1. Good hygiene

Good hygiene is important when experimenting with anal stimulation and it can also help you to relax. By using an anal douche to rinse yourself clean round there, you can help to prevent any unpleasant surprises from occurring when you have anal sex.

Fill the douche with water which is at body temperature, and lubricate the spout so that you can easily insert the douche into your body with a gentle, sliding motion. Squeeze the douche in order to gently squirt the water up and then sit on the toilet so that the water can come out again.

Repeat this process until the water that comes out is clear.

Three different anal douches

2. Relax your whole body

Relaxation is essential for enjoyable anal sex. Talk about things before you get started and agree on how you want the experience to go.

For a bit of extra help in this, it might be worth considering the use of an anal relaxing gel which you can apply to the anal opening a few minutes before having sex. This helps the muscles around the anus to become more relaxed.

Butt plugs and anal sex products

3. Proceed slowly

It is important to proceed at your own pace when getting started with anal stimulation so that your anal muscles have time to relax and you can avoid discomfort. Only you will know when you are really ready and relaxed enough to enjoy the experience.

The best approach is to take things very slow and spend extra time on foreplay to work up your desire.

Butt plugs and anal sex products

4. Use lube

Lube is an absolute must when having anal sex as the body does not produce any kind of natural lubricant in the anus. Using an anal lube will ease things along and give you optimal conditions for enjoying each other.

Sinful’s Anal Lube is water-based and can be used together with sex toys of all materials.

Anal lube being squeezed out into a hand

5. Use sex toys

If you’ve never experimented with anal sex before, it may be a good idea to start with an anal sex toy

Anal sex toys such as our Sinful BumBum Butt Plug Set provide an opportunity to first get used to the sensation of anal stimulation before then moving on to anal intercourse. This can help make your first time more comfortable as your body will have a chance to gradually acclimatise.

Hanging storage unit with anal sex toys

Many people will need a period of acclimatisation and you may well need to experiment with anal stimulation several times before you feel ready to advance to anal intercourse. This is completely natural, so just enjoy the ride at your own pace and don’t stress if moving fast doesn’t feel right.

Anal sex toys such as butt plugs are also ideal if you already have some experience with anal sex and would now like to experience some variation in your simulation.

Lube on a glass butt plug

6. Clean your sex toy after use

It is important to always clean your anal sex toys after use in order to ensure good hygiene. Cleaning also ensures that your anal sex toys will be ready to go just as soon as the mood next takes you.

We recommend using an antibacterial sex toy cleaner such as Sinful Clean for your anal sex toys as this will guarantee them a safe and gentle clean. Sex toy cleaner is also available in an organic variant.

Sex toy cleaner and a butt plug

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