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Hot Thrills and Cold Chills: Exploring Temperature Play

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Imagine the crisp tingle of an ice cube tracing down your back, quickly melted away by the sultry warmth of warming massage oil and a gentle touch.

So, are you ready to push the thermostat of pleasure to new, thrilling degrees?

What is temperature play?

Simply put, it’s using both hot and cold to experiment with your body’s reaction to different temperatures, elevating not only physical but emotional responses too.

By using contrasting temperatures, we can create a series of highs and lows that the body interprets as unique touches.

The heat can relax and dilate blood vessels, which enhances blood flow and heightens sensitivity, making every touch feel more intense and intimate.

On the flip side, the use of cold can cause an invigorating tightening of the skin, sharpening your senses and refreshing your perception of touch.

It’s a game of sensory contrast where the warmth seduces, and the cool invigorates, each sensation amplified by its thrilling opposite.

picture of hands holding up glass dildo

What do you use for temperature play?

There are a ton of options for temperature play. If you’re using sex toys, you just have to make sure you are using the right ones! Materials like stainless steel, glass and even some silicone toys are designed to retain heat or cold safely.

Then, there are special massage oils, candles, and gels that are crafted to bring or mimic cool or warm sensations on all your most sensitive spots.

For those who are more daring, you can even use drip candles that are designed to let the wax drip down your back, thighs or wherever else you’d like to try.

If you’re just dipping your toes into temperature play, here are some products we recommend for your first time.

What are the benefits?

Intensifies stimulation - Swapping between hot and cold sensations can heighten the body’s nerve response, making every kiss, touch and caress even more electric.

Elevates emotional connection - Allowing your partner to join you on the thrilling journey of temperature play builds trust, strengthens communication, and allows you to be open to exploring boundaries and desires.

Breaks monotony - We crave new experiences, and things in the bedroom can get repetitive; bringing in something simple is a great way to bring some playfulness into your routines.

How to ease into temperature play

Always start slow. You should never throw a metal dildo in the freezer and just pop it in; that’s a recipe for disaster.

Start with something gentle like a massage candle or a lightly chilled glass butt plug.

And remember, communication is hotter than ever here; keep checking in, ensuring comfort, and discussing boundaries before things heat up.

You should always, always test temperatures on non-sensitive areas of the body first. You or your partner can tap or drag your temperature toy of choice on your arm, hand or leg before moving on to the best bits.

a battle between hot and cold
  • Did you know that rapid changes in temperature can cause your body to release adrenaline? This thrilling response is what increases pleasure!

  • And for those who like a bit of DIY, consider switching temperatures during oral play by sipping warm or cool water - it’s a simple trick with a big impact and a way to try temperature play without the commitment.

  • Aftercare is a must! After experimenting with temperature play, you need to make sure your partner is comfortable. Warm blankets, cold drinks or cuddles can help the body return to normal temperature and help with emotional grounding and intimacy.

Wrapping it up

It’s not about shoving a dildo in the fridge; it’s about exploration and connection with your partner or getting attuned to the sensations of your own body. So why not turn up the heat or invoke prickling gooseflesh on your skin? Temperature play could be just what you need to ignite passionate and playful adventures in your daily life.

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