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Metal Dildos

Metal dildos are elegant, sophisticated and extremely durable sex toys, which will last you a lifetime with proper care. They are especially well suited for G-spot, prostate and anal stimulation. Try temperature play with your metal dildo and remember to use lube!


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Metal dildo - naughty and elegant

How do they differ from other types?

Many people consider a dildo to be a simple copy of a penis made with silicone. But this is not always the case. You can find a lot of different types that can easily be found in bedside tables all around the world. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colours. Some have clear veins and natural skin tones, while others have a suction cup and strong vibrations. But these are not the types you will find on this site. Here you’ll be introduced to metal dildos. But how do these differ from the versions we have just mentioned?

If you merely consider the function, then a metal dildo works just like the regular one in silicone. They are both used for penetration, either vaginally or anally. But there are still plenty of other differences to take note of. For one thing, you don’t have to think about which lube to use, since they can be used with both water- and silicone-based versions. You can also enjoy the unique feature of being able to heat them up or cool them down. This creates an exciting sensation and more stimulating experience that you just have to try. 

What can you do with a steel dildo?

Let’s have a look at what these steel dildos are capable of and why so many people love them. As we have already talked about, you can use this sex toy for stimulating temperature play. If you want to heat up the product before use, you can simply put it in a bowl of hot water. Would you rather try a cold feel against your body, you can put it in the fridge before use. It’s important that you test the temperature on your arm before using the product on your intimate parts to ensure that it has the right temperature and is neither too hot nor too cold. In relation to this, you should also never put the toy in the freezer or under boiling water right before use. You can of course boil it to disinfect it, but it should not come in contact with your skin straight afterwards. 

Another advantage of using a steel dildo is its shape. Many of the models are perfectly curved in order for them to hit your G-spot. This is also why many of them are designed with a ball at each end, making it easier to hit the right spot. If you want to use it for anal pleasure, you can find thinner versions that are designed for this exact purpose. They are shaped to stimulate the prostate of a man. 

A stainless steel dildo is an investment

If you buy a sex toy made of silicone, then you have to expect that there is an expiry date. This is not the case with a stainless steel dildo. As long as you store it correctly and clean it, then it can last you a lifetime - no matter how much you use it. 

Looking through the environmentally friendly glasses, this type of sex toy is definitely a worthy and sustainable solution. And besides being an investment that can last you for the rest of your life, it can also be an investment in your sex life. Because who says no to an elegant design that can stimulate you both in the front and in the back end? Not you, right? You can see our large selection of stainless steel dildos here on this site. We have something for everyone, making it easy for you to find your new best friend that can stay by your side for years to come. 


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