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Glass Dildos

A glass dildo is almost a small piece of art in itself. Aesthetically pleasing and perfect for making a big impression on both the spectator and user - especially if you cool it down or heat it up for wonderful temperature play. 


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Glass dildo - Aesthetically pleasing and perfect for pleasure

Why choose a large glass dildo?

A lot of people are frightened by the thought of a large glass dildo. This stems from the fear of the glass breaking into pieces. That is not exactly something you strive for and wish to happen close to your intimate parts. So why would you choose this model over a regular one? Firstly, it should be mentioned that they are all made of borosilicate glass which cannot break - so there is no need to worry about that. Secondly, it has a smooth surface and a heaviness to it that cannot be found in a silicone model. The extra weight teases your pelvic floor muscles and activates them, creating an even more intense stimulation. 

A large glass dildo also gives you the opportunity to play with different temperatures. You can easily cool it down or heat it up for a more teasing and satisfying sensation. If you want to cool down your sex toy, just put in in the freezer or refrigerator for a short while. After 10 minutes, it should be ready, but you should always test the temperature on your arm before using it on your southern regions. If you are more into hot stimulation, you can put it in a bowl of hot water. Let it stay for 10 minutes and then check the temperature on your arm. Whether you like it cold or hot, there are plenty of opportunities to experiment with.

Small or big glass dildo?

In our selection, you can find a broad range of both small and big glass dildos. They come in all shapes and sizes and even different colours, so you can find one that satisfies all your needs. 

If you have never used a dildo before, it would be appropriate to start with a smaller version. By doing this, you can feel it out before you go all the way. Some models are built up of several beads in different sizes, making it adjustable. As you become more comfortable using it, you can insert more beads for deeper stimulation. 

If you are ready for a big glass dildo, then we have a lot of different options for you. Whether you want one that is long and slim or one that is broad, you can achieve intense and deep stimulation for powerful orgasms. 

A transparent dildo is hypoallergenic

A transparent dildo has a lot of advantages and positive characteristics. Not only when it comes to its many uses, but also in relation to the material itself. With a dildo made of glass, you get the most hypoallergenic sex toy on the market. When you buy one, you can be 100% sure that it is completely free from phthalates and latex. It can also be combined with any type of lube and sex toy cleaner, making it easy to maintain its condition.

A transparent dildo only made of glass opens up a lot of different types of uses. Many are designed so that both ends can be used for penetration. This gives you not only one, but two different types of stimulation in one product. In our large selection, you can find an array of models in different shapes and sizes. Do you want one that looks like a real penis? We got it. Would you rather have one with grooves or maybe the feeling of a tongue? We can provide you with that too! We have a version for every need, making it easy for you to find one that fits into your fantasies. 


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