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Play With The Senses

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Sex is much more than going in and out, two thrusts and a moan.

You can have wonderful and naughty experiences with superficial acquaintances, and you can have deep and heartfelt experiences with someone you love. And yourself.

One is no more true than the other.

But maybe you want to explore the tenderness. The presence. The intimacy. Give yourself time to enjoy, discover and sense.

In this blog post, you will get tips and tricks on how sensory play can give you and your partner just that.

Sex toys, massage oil, strawberries and champagne glasses on a table

Smell, taste, hear, see and touch

We are by nature endowed with five senses. You probably already know about them.

You’ve definitely bitten into a lemon and experienced how the acid makes the gums recede. You’re welcome for that mental image.

You may have also smelled a budding flower on a spring day and enjoyed how that scent could activate memories of summer, sun and childhood innocence.

And maybe you’ve already been blindfolded in the bedroom and played with how removing the sense of sight can intensify the remaining senses.

All the senses can be activated or blocked when you and your partner have set aside time to spoil each other, and this can lead to lots of wonderful experiences.

Oil from a massage candle dripping down on an arm

Is sensory play only for foreplay?

Foreplay, you say? I know exactly what you mean. Foreplay is often the term we use when we warm each other up.

For many years, the perception was that foreplay was there to make the man and the woman ready for the "real" sex—namely penetration.

Fortunately, that view has been challenged. First, the prevailing view of intimate relationships is no longer reserved for a man with a woman being together. We all know this particular construction can come in many different forms.

As I put it to begin with, sex is much more than just penetration. For my sake, we can easily leave foreplay in the vocabulary, as long as we share the view that it’s not just about warming up, but an extension of sex and pleasure.

Now we got that out of the way.

And then to answer my own question: No, sensory play is not just for foreplay. You can play with the senses during all parts of sex, and you can freely choose with regard to where you want to start and end.

A person drinking a glass of champagne

The gentle version

Now let's take a closer look at how you can awaken the senses in a gentle and sensual way. That approach may appeal to you the most if you don’t have that much experience with sex toys and erotic accessories.

The gentle sensory play is also ideal for those who focus on the connection to your partner, slowness and communication of the love that is between you.

A person smelling a bottle of massage oil


A blindfold is an oldie, but a goldie. It’s an innocent piece of accessory that can do wonders when you play. You can even put on the blindfold and let your partner explore your body.

You can also do the same to your partner. All kisses, pats, strokes, licks and cuddles will feel extra intense because the sense of sight is blocked.

A person with a blindfold on smelling a flower

Feather tickler

Another relatively innocent and sometimes underrated piece of sex toy. You can advantageously combine a small feather tickler with the blindfold, and let the soft strokes caress your partner's bare skin.

Go to work curiously. Maybe your partner has an erogenous zone that you haven’t yet discovered? Try to let the feather wander across new areas. The kneecaps, the inside of the wrist, the inner thighs, the collarbones and along the spine may cause the small hairs to stand up in just the right way.

A black feather tickler next to a person's collarbone


Giving or receiving massage can be a wonderful and sensual experience, and there are a lots of different massage oils for the job. They can be completely neutral in their scent, but you can also spoil the nostrils with aromas such as vanilla, jasmine and tropical fruits.

Some oils are intended exclusively for massage on the outside of the body, but there are also variants such as the Sinful Intimate Massage Oil, which can be used for massaging and spoiling the genitals both on the outside and the inside.

You can also use a massage candle, and these can also have a seductive scent. This way both the sense of touch and smell are both in play: It’s a win/win!

Three different massage oils on a table

Flavoured lube

If the sense of taste is also to be spoiled, it’s a good idea to spice up the intimate moment with some sparkling wine, sweet strawberries, dark chocolate or enjoy the body's unique taste.

It’s also an opportunity to spice up the experience with some flavoured lube. Not that there’s anything wrong with your body's natural taste—absolutely not.

Compare it to the fact that you always choose vanilla for your ice cream waffle. If one day you feel like having chocolate, it’s not because there’s something wrong with vanilla—chocolate is just also delicious!

Flavoured lube on a table along with six strawberries

Temperature play

Bringing cooling or warming elements into the play can also really get the senses going. You can pull out the ice cube tray and find small frozen surprises that are particularly good for a cool but naughty thrill during oral sex.

A person with an ice cube in their mouth

You can let the cold drops fall down onto the genitals, inner thighs and nipples, until the body trembles with joy. Also try blowing on the cold, wet skin. The sensation and thought of your lips up close can be arousing to the lucky recipient.

You can also choose glass sex toys that can be put in the fridge or a hot bath before use to make the feeling extra tantalizing.

A person holding a glass dildo in front of their face

The kinky version

You can be sure there are sex toys for sensory play, even if you’d like to add a little more spice.

That’s why we’re now diving into products that tease the senses in perhaps completely new and kinky ways.


A pinwheel can be used in the same way as a feather tickler, but instead of gentle strokes, it’s the small pointy spikes that move across the skin.

It’s entirely up to you (and your partner, of course) how hard or gentle the spikes are to be rolled across the body. Regardless of the intensity, the skin and the senses are brought to life in an ultra-stimulating way.

A pinwheel on bare skin


A clamp can be stimulating, decorative and painful. The most well-known clamps are those that can be used on the nipples. Here you can adjust how tight they should sit and enjoy the sweet pain.

When the clamp is removed and blood flows back to the area again, the nipples will feel extra sensitive and be susceptible to getting spoiled.

There are also clamps that can be put on the clitoris or on the scrotum, so there are plenty of opportunities to experiment.

A person with a fetish clamp on the earlobe

Get smacking!

Some people might think that smacking or spanking is reserved for those who practice BDSM. But as with so much else, you can tailor the cheeky pats on the bum to precisely the level that suits you and your partner.

If the ear canal is to be spoiled the same way as the buttocks, you should take a closer look at a paddle. Its surface provides a precise smack that can be both loving and powerful. And the sound, dear reader, the sound itself can be exciting.

A paddle and a person in underwear
A flogger, on the other hand, is perfect for gentle and tantalizing strokes. You can move the long soft tails across your partner's body and genitals in a tickling and teasing way.
A flogger hitting a person’s butt


Playing with electricity sounds dangerous!

I totally understand if that’s what you’re thinking. But if you use sex toys for electroplay with care and follow the instructions, then lots of sensual experiences await you.

The electric impulses can tease and stimulate you with completely different sensations than, for example, touch and vibration.

Sex toy for electroplay against bare skin

Enjoy it

I hope you’ve been inspired to seek out new sensory experiences in familiar or unfamiliar ways.

Sex toys, massage oil, lube, flowers and champagne glasses on a table

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