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Remote Control Sex Toys

Add spice to your love life with remote control sex toys. While they can be used alone, they really shine when the remote is given to your partner, who gets to decide when the vibrations should stimulate you. Many of them can also be used discreetly in public places.

Remote control sex toys for ultimate pleasure

Have fun with remote controlled sex toys

There are plenty of ways to spice up your sex life. For some it’s enough when their partner wears a sexy outfit. For others it is about the love and attention a partner can show through bringing flowers a little more often. What it takes to gain a better sex life differs from couple to couple. The point is simply that everyone could use a little extra spice here and there. 

This is where remote controlled sex toys enter the picture. They make it possible for couples to explore each other’s sexual preferences and boundaries. Let one part enjoy the actual sex toy while the other is in charge of the remote control and see how long you can play around before you can’t keep your hands off of each other anymore. We know that remote controlled sex toys can be a great way to achieve even more pleasurable experiences together. 

Look through our selection offered on this page, and find your new favourite for you and your partner to try out when the night needs to be a little extra fun.

Use remote controlled sex toys with or without a partner

Remote control sex toys are not only useful when you are together or for stimulation of one part when both are present. In this category, you can find products such as couple vibrators that stimulate both parties at the same time during intercourse. An example of this is the popular We-Vibe products that have long been favourites among couples all over the world. The unusual vibrators are designed for use during sex where both people involved can experience incredible stimulation, resulting in great pleasure for you together as a couple. 

When we say that remote control sex toys don’t have to be used when you are together, what we actually mean is that they can be enjoyed even though you aren’t in the same room, building, or even city. With a wireless remote control, you can control the sex toys from a far distance, where one person enjoys the stimulation while the other is in control of it. This can evolve to naughty distance play, which can be especially arousing for the part in control who determines when and how much pleasure the other person receives.

The best remote control sex toys for you

You can find a large selection of some of the best remote control sex toys on the market in this category. The different models vary a lot in design and functions, all stimulating to both parties in different ways. One of the most well-known variants is the so-called vibrator egg that is inserted in the vagina and stimulates through powerful vibrations controlled by a remote or app. A vibrator egg can be incredibly arousing to play around with and can even be used for fun play in public, where only you and your partner know about your naughty secret. 

You can of course also find remote control sex toys that focus on male pleasure. An example of this is the prostate vibrator that stimulates the male prostate through anal play. The vibrator can be enjoyed alone or with a partner by giving up the control of the functions so you both get to be part of the erotic experience.

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
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