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Vibrating Love Eggs

Choose a vibrating love egg when you want to enjoy discreet but incredibly titillating play with your partner - in the bedroom or out among other people. Let your partner take control of your pleasure and surrender to the deliciously arousing sensations.


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Love Egg - discreet and effective

What is a vibrating love egg?

You might already know the pick-up line “How do you prefer your eggs in the morning?”, but few of us have heard the alternative version: “How do you like your eggs in bed?”. This is a lot more fun and easier to answer, since most women of course prefer a vibrating love egg in bed. A vibrating love egg is an egg-shaped vibrator that is inserted vaginally. The vibrations are controlled with a remote control or an app. This makes it the perfect product for naughty couple’s play but it can also bring a lot of pleasure if you’re single. 

Don’t be fooled by the humble size of it. A vibrating love egg is just as effective as any bigger vibrator and has a ton of different settings. It is also incredibly quiet, making it easy to take it out of the house for discreet and teasing stimulation outside. All variants are designed for inner stimulation, but some have a more intricate shape that hits the G-spot perfectly. Because of the smaller size, it can also be used for foreplay where you run it over your partner’s body to create an arousing stimulation. Or you can get yourself ready by using it on the clitoris for intense outer vibrations. 

Use a remote control love egg outside of the home

Have you ever had sexual fantasies about naughty play in public spaces? For example on the beach, in the cinema or even at a dinner party. Most people have to some degree fantasised about having sex outside. With a remote control love egg, you don’t have to fantasise anymore. The discreet and quiet sex toy can easily be used outside of the bedroom, both for solo- and partner play. Insert while you’re still at home and control the vibrations once you’re out. If you are using it with a partner, we recommend you let them take control of the settings and thereby your pleasure. 

You can of course also use your remote control love egg at home. Here it works perfectly for naughty foreplay with a partner. But you can also gain a lot of pleasure from it when using it alone. There are many fun and arousing ways to use the little toy for some new and exciting sexual experiences. 

Egg vibrator for even more fun

The egg vibrator comes in many shapes and sizes. Though the shape is usually oval, you can also find versions with more creative and different designs to pleasure you with a different kind of stimulation. What about the colours? Whether you are interested in a bright purple one or a more classic black, you can find it here. We offer egg vibrators in all the colours of the rainbow, making it easy for you to find your favourite in the mix. You will also find a broad selection of popular brands, such as LELO

No matter what your needs are, you can easily find an egg vibrator that can improve playtimes with yourself or your partner. Add your new friend to your bedside table selection and experience how your stimulation will reach new heights. 

If you’re turned on by the thought of playing in public spaces, but not interested in inserting anything vaginally, then we recommend you go have a look at our selection of vibrating panties. These are placed over the clitoris for outside stimulation.

Contact our customer service with any questions you may have regarding our products on the site. We can help you find the best solution for you. 


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