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Sex Positioning Pillows

Explore each other in any position you like with top quality cushions for supporting and maintaining different sex positions. Experiment with different positions, explore different angles, and discover how much pleasure a sex pillow can bring to your sex life.

Sex pillow: To give the intercourse a little lift

Try new positions with a sex pillow

When thinking about sex toys, many people likely have a mental image of a dildo or a pocket pussy. But naughty playthings and erotic accessories can be so much more than just that. One example is the products you'll find here on this page - namely, our selection of sex pillows. Here you'll find a piece of sex furnishing that makes it easier to achieve comfortable and functional sex positions.

Many of the sex pillows you'll find here on the page have a ramp-like shape that is highly functional. The shape is designed to support the receiver's pelvis, which is lifted up into a position where it is easier to penetrate. This lift also makes penetration more comfortable and enjoyable for both parties. The ramp-shaped versions are also suitable for doggy style, as the receiver's buttocks are lifted up to the appropriate height, and this is without having to stand on your hands and knees on the bed.

The many different types of sex pillows in our range are made from a soft but tough material that ensures the body is held in the desired position without compromising comfort. So it's the perfect accessory for couples who want to get even more out of intercourse.

Couples pillows can improve your intercourse

There should be no doubt that couples pillows can be used by everyone, but for some people, it is just a necessary accessory for having a successful sex life. Age, obesity, or other physical challenges, for example, can make intercourse difficult, less enjoyable, or even impossible. In such cases, couples pillows can help overcome or reduce these challenges and thus significantly improve one's sex life.

There are of course also other situations where this erotic accessory can be particularly useful. For example, you or your partner may have a penis that is either above or below average. With couples pillows, the receiver can get into the right position so that it makes it possible to penetrate deeper or with a better angle, which will create a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for both parties.

There are therefore many different ways in which this erotic accessory can be used. And it does not necessarily need to be because one is challenged sexually. One can also get a lot of naughty experiences out of a sex pillow even if one already has a well-functioning body and a great intercourse in the double bed. So feel free to go wild in the wide selection - your intercourse will only get better with some extra accessories.

A sex position cushion is for everyone

It is typical for couples to invest in an erotic accessory like a sex position cushion, but actually there are also many different options for singles. If you don't have a partner but would like to be penetrated or perhaps have the feeling of some nice vibrations against your clitoris, then there are actually pillows that let you experience just that. With some of the models on this page, you can actually strap your own favorite toy to it, which you can then use with the sex position cushion.

That way you can enjoy some naughty solo fun - and it's even hands-free. So you can use your hands for something else entirely, like stimulating other erogenous zones on your body. It is also important to mention that some of our pillows have a cover that you can easily take off and machine wash. So you don't have to worry about various body fluids leaving visible and ugly stains on your erotic accessory. That's a big advantage, so you can just focus on enjoying the naughty experience.

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